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The Albums 1967-1972 (2017) 7CD-Set - SOLD !!!


Label: Cherry Red CRCDBOX 41 (UK) 835

Medium: 7CD-Set + Booklet

Release 2017 - New !! sealed  - 6CD Set - All CDs with original cardboard covers - with lots of Bonus
                                                   + thick informative Booklet
Formed in 1967 by two solo folk guitarplayers BERT JANSCH & JOHN RENBOURN, influenced
by Folk-Blues like BIG BILL BROONZY and DAVY GRAHAM joined by Folksinger
JACQUI McSHEE and Jazz-Rhythm section of  TERRY COX and DANNY THOMPSON.
Band disbanded in 1973 and got reformed without RENBOURN around 1981-82.
In 2008 the original group is back on the road.

Style : Folkrock with Jazz elements

Alexis Korner  ; John Martyn ; John Renbourn Group ; Riff Raff ; Alan Price Set ;
Fotheringay & S.Denny ; Lindisfarne ; Danny Thompson ; Peter Kirtley ;

Bert Jansch - acoustic guitar; John Renbourn - acoustic guitar, e-guitar, sitar;
Jacqui McShee - vocals; Danny Thompson - bass; Terry Cox - drums;

Producer: Shel Talmy ;
Liner Notes by: John Peel; Cover Design: Osiris (Visions) ltd.;

CD 1
The PENTANGLE (1968) + 13 Bonus Tracks

Let no Man steal your Thyme  (trad. arr. Cox-Jansch-McShee)
Bells   (Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson)
Hear me call   (Staple Singers)
Pentangling    (Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson)
Mirage  (Jansch)
Way behind the Sun     (trad. arr. :Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson)
Bruton Town   (trad. arr.:Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson)
Waltz     (Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson)
Koan - Take 2
The Wheel
The Casbah
Bruton Town - Take 3
Hear my Call  - alternate version
Way behind the Sun  - alternate version
Way behind the Sun  - Instrumental
Bruton Town  -  Take 5
Koan  -  Take 1
Travellin Song  - 45 Version with strings
Poison  - August 1967 Session
I got a Feeling  - August 1967 Session
Market Song    - August 1967 Session

CD 2 & 3   (2CD-Set  Foldout cover(FOC))
SWEET CHILD  (1968):   1st CD Live at the Festival Hall + 2nd CD Studio
Market Song  (Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson)
No more my Lord   (trad.)
Turn your Money green  (Lewis)
Haitian Fight Song   (C.Mingus)
A Woman like you   (Jansch)
Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat  (C.Mingus)
Three Dances:
    Brentzel Gay (Gervaise arr.: Renbourn, Cox)
    La Rotta  (trad. arr.: Renbourn, Cox)
    The Earle of Salisbury  (Byrd arr.: Renbourn, Cox)
Watch the Stars  (trad. arr.: Renbourn, McShee)
So early in the Spring  (trad. arr.: McShee)
No Exit  (Jansch-Renbourn)
The Time has come   (A.Briggs)
Bruton Town  (trad. arr.: Cox, Jansch, Renbourn, Thompson)
Hear my Call  (Westbrooks-Staples)
Let no Man steal your Thyme  (trad. arr.: Pentangle)
Bells  (Jansch-Renbourn-McShee-Cox-Thompson)
Travelling Song  (Jansch-Renbourn-McShee-Cox-Thompson)
Waltz  (Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson)
Way behind the Sun  (Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson)
John Donne Song  (Renbourn-Donne)

CD Two:
Sweet Child  (Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson)
I loved a Lass  (trad. arr.: Pentangle)
Three Part Thing  (Jansch-Renbourn-Thompson)
Sovay  (trad.: arr.:Pentangle)
In Time   (Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson)
In your Mind  (Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson)
I've got a Feeling  (Jansch-Renbourn-McShee-Cox-Thompson)
The Trees they do grow high  (trad. arr.: Pentangle)
Moon Dog  (Cox)
Hole in the Coal  (MacColl)
Hole in the Coal  (MacColl)  alternate version
The Trees they do grow high  (trad.arr.: Pentangle)  alternate version
Haitian Fight Song  (C.Mingus)  Studio version
In Time  (Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson) alternate version


CD 4
BASKET OF LIGHT (FOC)(1969) :  + 6 Bonus
  - written by : Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee  if not shown

Light Flight  (Theme from TAKE THREE GIRLs)
One I had a Sweetheart   (trad. arr:)
Springtime Promises
Lyke-Wake Dirge   (trad. arr:)
Train Song
Hunting Song
Sally go Raound the Roses  (Sanders-Stevens)
The Cuckoo    (trad. arr:)
House Carpenter  (trad. arr:)
Bonus-Tracks :
Slly go round the Roses  (Alternate Version)
Cold Mountain   (Jansch-Marshall)  - B-Side
I saw an Angel  (Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson)
House Carpenter  (trad.arr: Pentangle) - Live in Aberdeen  3/70
Light Flight  (Pentangle) - Live in Aberdeen  3/70
Pentangling  (Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson)  - Live in Aberdeen  3/70

CD 5
CRUEL SISTER  ((FOC)1970) :  + 6 Bonus

A Maid thats deep in Love  (trad.arr.: Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee)
When I was in my Prime   (trad.)
Lord Franklin   (trad.arr.: Jansch-Renbourn-McShee)
Cruel Sister   (trad.adapted: Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee)
Jack Orion    (trad.adapted: Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee)
Will the Circle be unbroken ?   (trad.adapted: Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee)
Rain & Snow -Take 2    (trad.adapted: Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee)
Omie Wise  -  Take 2-Live Vox     (trad.adapted: Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee)
Johns Song  (alias so clear) - Take 7    (trad.adapted: Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee)
Reflection  (Olympic Studio Take 1)      (trad.adapted: Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee)
When I get Home  (alternate vocal)  (Jansch-Renbourn-Cox-Thompson-McShee)

CD 6
REFLECTION (FOC) (1971) :   + 8 Bonus

Tracks:    all written by Pentangle or  trad. arranged by
Wedding Dress  (trad.)
Omie Wise   (trad.)
Will the Circle be unbroken?    (trad.)
When I get Home
Rain and Snow  (trad.)
Helping Hand
So clear
Shake Shake Mama
Kokomo Blues
Faro Annie
Back on the Road again
Will the Circle be unbroken  (Take 3-Live Vox)
Reflection  (Command Studio, Take 1 Wordless Vox)
Johns Song  (alias so clear)  (Take 5-Fuzz guitar)
Wondrous Love

CD 7
SOLOMON's SEAL  (1972) : + 3 Bonus

Sally free and easy
The Cherry Tree Carol
The Snows
High Germany
People on the Highway
Willy O'Winsbury
No Love is Sorrow
Jump Baby jump
Lady of Carlisle
Bonus-Tracks :   all: Live at Guildford Civic Hall  11/72
When I get Home 
She moved through the Fair
Train Song

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