Label: Liberty LBS83475/76X (GER)
Medium: 2LP-Set


[The Black-Man's Burdon (1970) 2LP]


 Eric Burdon joined The ALAN PRICE COMBO in 1962 , soon after they changed name to
The ANIMALS, a great 60s R&B band fronted by the near black voice of Eric.
Greatest Hit  "House Of The Rising Sun" a trad. song, the bands arrangement was the best known.
Alan Price left the band and was replaced by Dave Rowberry.
Next change came in 1966, first with drummer John Steel, for him  came
Barry Jenkins  (Ex-Nashville Teens)and shortly after Chas Chandler went into
management and producing  (Best known for Jimi Hendrix, Slade).
Eric formed in beginning of 1967 a new band, this time more psychedelic and progressive.
With some new members he recorded for US (MGM) release only ,the album "ANIMALSM"
(totaly different to "Animalsms") and a Solo LP.
This new group recorded between  1967 and beginning of 1969 four recommended psych LPs and
was most of the time located in the USA.
Next step was his two year stint with mainly black musicians... "WAR".
They hit the charts with - Spill the Wine - from 1st album, a 2nd double album got released,
before the two partners split - WAR went more successful in the following years.
A 3rd LP ERIC BURDON & WAR with some outtakes was released after the split.

Dantalians Chariot ;   Zoot Moneys Big Roll Band ;   StudFamilyMoonrider ;
Mike Cotton Sound ; Moments ; Johnny Kidd & Pirates ; Soft Machine ; Police ;
Animals & Eric Burdon ; Kevin Ayers ; WAR ; Georgie Fame ; Nashville Teens ;
Eberh. Schoener ; Alan Price Set ; Jimmy Witherspoon ; Lee Oskar ;

WAR - 1970-1971:
Eric Burdon - vocals; Lonnie Jordan, Papa Dee Allen - keyboards, voc.;
Charles Miller- sax, clarinet; Lee Oskar - harmonica; B.B.Dickerson - bass;
Harold Brown - drums, perc.; Howard Scott - guitar, voc.;

Disc One
Paint it Black - Medley   13:34
  a) Black on Black in Black  (War)
  b) Paint it Black I  (Jagger-Richards)
  c) Laurel & Hardy  (War)
  d) Pintelo Negro II (War)
  e) P.C 3  (War)
   f) Black Bird   (War)
  g) Paint it Black II  (Jagger-Richards)
Spirit  (War)   8:30
Beautiful new born Child  (Goldstein-War)  5:07
Nights in White Satin 1  (Hayward)  4:28
The Bird & The Squirrel  (War)
Nuts, Seeds & Life  (War)  4:01
Out of Nowhere  (War)  3:22
Nights in White Satin 2  (J.Hayward)   2:51

Disc Two
Sun - Moon  (War)   10:04
Pretty Colors  (War)   6:52
Gun   (War)     5:44
Jimbo  (War)  4:50
Bare Back Ride  (War)   7:07
Home Cookin   (War)  4:10
They cant  take away our Music  (Goldstein-War)  6:45


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