Label: Esoteric ECLEC2053 (UK)
Medium: CD


[Stud (1971) Rel. 2008]


Release 2008
Out of the ashes from TASTE the new born jazz influenced progressive Rock band added to the
former rhythm section are the ex-Blossom Toes guitarist JIM CREGAN.
A first album as trio was recorded for DERAM release.
The great powerful Live Band toured extensivley on the continent mainly in Germany.
Multiinstrumentalist JOHN WEIDER joined after the first album, but was already involved as session
player on the first.
The next two LPs are only released on the german BASF label, without commercial success the
band split in 1973.
One of the best rock drummers went into session work, was not seen live again in Germany till 2005 or 2006.
CREGAN  became ;after some work in production with LINDA LEWIS, involved with FAMILY and
Harleys Cockney Rebels , before he joined ROD STEWART as musical chief for a long time.

Style:  Progressive Rock ; Jazz-Rock ;

Them ; Taste ; Julian Covey & Time Machine ; Animals ; Family ; Moonrider ;
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates ; Cockney Rebels ; Rod Stewart ; Axis Point ;
Blossom Toes ; Gulliver ; Spencer Davis Group ; Kevin Ayers ; Hardin & York ;

Jim Cregan - guitars, vocals; Charlie McCracken - bass;
John Wilson - drums; John Weider - guitar, violin , bass, keyboards, vocals;

Sail on   (Wilson-Cregan-McCracken)  4:12
Turn over the Pages   (Cregan)   4:17
1112235  (Wilson-Cregan-McCracken)   12:20
Harpos Head   (Wilson-Cregan-McCracken)    7:35
Horizon  (for Piet)  (Wilson-Cregan-McCracken)   11:07
  Part One - Here
  Part Two - There
Song  (Cregan)   2:33

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