Label: Bear Family BCD 15507 (D) Ks
Medium: CD


[The Dynamite Trail! 1954-1958 (1990)]


Compilation 1st Release 1990
Wilf Carter started recordings 1933 in Canada.

Style: early Country & Western

see: Chet Atkins ; Hank Williams ; Anita Kerr Singers ;

Wilf Carter - vocals,
Chet Atkins, Loren Otis Shook, Harald Ray Bradley, Thomas Grady Martin - guitars;
Hank Garland - guitar; Jerry Byrd, Don Helms, Gene Buddy Emmons - steel guitar;
Ernest Newton, F.Chance, Bob L.Moore - bass; Owen Bradley - piano, leader;
H.N.Vaden, Thomas Jackson, Jerry Rivers - fiddle; Farris Coursey, Doug Kirkham - drums;
Anita Kerr Singers - backing;

One golden Curl   (Vaughn Horton)   1955
My Mountain high Yodel Song   (Wilf Carter)  1954
Im gonna tear down the Mailbox   (V.Horton)   1955
Maple Leaf Waltz   (V.Horton-S.Mysels)   1955
There a Tree on the every Road   (L.Coleman-D.Wolf)   1955
I bought a Rock for Rocky Mountain Gal   (Dave McEnery)   1955
Shoo Shoo Sh la la   (Florino-Norwood-Detwiler)   1954
The Sunshine Bird  (R.Roberts-B.Katz)   1955
Kissin on the Sly   (Wilf Carter)    1959
The Alpine Milkman   (L.Sarony)  1955
Dynamite Trail  (Wilf Carter)  1955-56
Strawberry Roan   (trad)  1955
Im ragged but Im right   (George Jones)  1956
Theres a Padlock on your Heart   (Wilf Carter)   1956
The Yodelin Song   (Wilf Carter-Wilbur Jones)   1956
Away out on the Mountain   (Kelly Harrell)   1956
The blind Boys Prayer   (W.C.McCormack)   1957
Xs from down in Texas   (Jimmie Dodd)   1957
Let the Sunshine in your Heart   (Fox-Douglas)   1957
Theres a Bluebird on your Windowsill   (Elizabeth Clarke)   1957
My French Canadian Girl   (Ken Davidson)   1958
Sick, Sober and Sorry   (Tex Atchison-E.Hazlewood)  1958
A Sinners Prayer   (Dave McEnery-Davis)  1958
My Prarie Rose  (Wilf Carter)   1958
Yodeling my Babies to Sleep   (Wilf Carter)
Born to Lose   (F.Brown)   1958

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