Label: Digimode 0.4040 (D)
Medium: 2CD-Set


HOLLY, BUDDY & The Picks
[Millenium Collection (1956-1959)]

HOLLY, BUDDY & The Picks

Born  Sept.1936 in Lubbock, Texas

Buddy Holly  (Charles Hardin Holly)   1936-1959 genial musician wrote most of his songs himself.
Died in a airplane crash together with RICHIE VALENS & BIG BOPPER. Recorded between 1956 - Jan.1959.

Style : Rockn Roll, ballads

see : Crickets ; Waylon Jennings ; Bob Montgomery ; Sonny Curtis ;

The PICKS : John Pickering; Bill Pickering & Bop Lapham

Niki Sullevan; Jerry Allison; Joe Mauldin; Norman Petty - piano, songwriter, producer
Tommy Allsup- guitar  replaced Sullevan  in 1958; Carl Bunch - drums; Waylon Jennings - bass;

Peggy Sue  (Holly-Allison-Petty)
Heartbeat  (Montgomery-Petty)
Words of Love  (Holly)
Love's made a Fool of you  (Holly-Montgomery)
Listen to me  (Hardin-Holly-Petty)
Come back  Baby  (Petty)
Rock-A-Bye Rock  (Holly)
Midnight Shift  (Lee-Ainsworth)
Rock around with Olie Vee  (S.Curtis)
Modern Don Juan  (Guess-Weil)
Blue Days, black Nights  (Bell)
Love me  (Holly-Parrish)
Raining in my Heart  (F.&B.Bryant)
Take your Time  (Holly-Petty)
It's not my Fault  (Bell-Myrick)
Reminiscing  (Curtis)
What to do (Holly)
That's what they say  (Holly)
Moondreams  (Petty)
Truw Love Ways  (Holly-Petty) 

Bo Diddley  (E.McDaniel)
You're so square   /Leiber-Stoller)
Don't come back knockin  (Holly-Parrish)
Little Baby  (Holly-Petty-Kendall)
Everyday  (Hardin-Petty)
Girl on my Mind  (D.Guess)
Well..alright  (Holly-Allison-Petty-Mauldin)
Ting-A-Ling  (Ertegun)
You're the One  (Holly)
Because I love you  (Holly)
I'm gonna set my Foot down  (Holly)
Love is strange  (E.Smith-M.Baker-S.Robinson)
You are my one Desire  (D.Guess)
Leaning the Game  (B.Holly)
Crying, Waiting, Hoping  (B.Holly)
The Picks:    (the group without Holly)
Words  (B.Gibb-M.Gibb-R.Gibb)
You've lost that lovin' Feeling  (Mann-Weil-Spector)
Buddy Holly not fade away Tribute  (J.Pickering)
Forever 22  (J.Pickering)

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