Label: CHESS-VOGUE 600033 (D) ks
Medium: CD


[The Best Of (1955-1964)]


Compilation from 1964    Release 1986    used played one or two times

Signed to CHESS Records in 1955, his first single  MAYBELLENE charted in the top 10 with many more
following till the end of the 50s. He influenced  whole generations of musicians, especially  in Great Britain
the Merseybeat and R&B the BEATLES, STONES, KINKS   ++++ many many others.
He himself reached the to 10 only once again in 1972 with MY DING-A-LING.

Style:  R&B ; Rock N Roll ;

see:  Steve Miller Band ; The Woolies ;       
    ...these two groups backed him  in the late 60s or early 70s

CHUCK BERRY - vocals, guitar, songwriting, duck-walk ;
Some of his backing musicians:
Willie Dixon, G.Smith - bass; Jimmy Rogers - guitar;
Johnny Johnson - piano; L.C. Davis - sax;
Jasper Thomas, Fred Below, Eddie Hardy, Odie Payne - drums;

Tracks:    all songs written by Chuck Berry if not shown
Johnny B. Goode   1958
Maybellene  1955
Wee Wee Hours   1955
Nadine  1963
Havana Moon   1956
No Particular Place to go    1964
Roll over Beethoven   1956
Bye Bye Johnny    1960  
Round and Round   1958
Sweet little Sixteen   1958
Carol   1958
Run Rudolph Run   1958
Let it Rock   1959
Sweet little Rock and Roller   1958
Little Queenie   1958 
Down the Road apiece  (Raye)  1960
Come on  1961 
Reelin & Rockin    1958
School Days   1957
Memphis Tennessee   1958
Almost grown   1959
Thirty Days   1955


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