Label: Magic 5230172 (F) ks
Medium: CD-Digipak


[Swings - 12.000.000 Records (1958) + 12 Bonus]


Release 1999  Recorded 1950 - 1958
Born in NEW ORLEANS worked with DAVE BARTHOLOMEW , with whom he
composed most of his own hits.
His main influences is R&B  (Fats Waller, Albert Ammons) &  Rock n Roll.
Early recording are from the late 40s, he had over 20 Hits between 1955-1960
Fats played at the Star Club Hamburg  -  releasing one LP and two 45 on their label.

Style : R&B ; Rock N Roll ;

Dave Bartolomew ; Lloyd Price ; Frankie Ford ; Jimmy Lunceford ;

Fats Domino - vocals, piano;
Dave Bartholomew - arranger, producer, trumpet, tuba;

Some Session-Musicians:
Earl Palmer - drums; Frank Fields - bass; Ernest McLean - guitar;
Joes Harris, Alvin Taylor, Herb Hardesty - sax;

Tracks :
The Fat Man    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  1950
Blue Monday   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)   1955
Blueberry Hill   (A.Lewis-L.Stock-V.Rose)    1956
Im in Love again  (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  1956
Goin to the River   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  1953
My blue Heaven   (G.Whiting-W.Donaldson)   1956
Bo Weevil   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  1956
Goin Home  (Domino-Young)  1952
Please dont leave me   (F.Domino)  1953
Aint that a Shame    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)   1955
Im Walking   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)   1957
Whole Lotta Lovin   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  1958

So long    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)    1956
When my Dreamboat comes Home   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  1956
Im in the Mood for Love  (J.McHugh-D.Fields)   1957
Dont blame it on me   (Domino)  1956
Tired of Crying    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  1951
All by myself    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)    1955
Poor me  (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)   1955
Coquette   (Kahn-Lombardo-Green)  1958
I cant go on Rosalie   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew) 1955
When the Saints go marching in   (Beducci-Baird)  1958
Tellin Lies   (Domino-Palmer)  1958
Tired of Crying    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  alternate version

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