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Medium: CD


[The Fat Man - Essential Early Fats Domino (1949-1951)]


Release 2002   Rec. 1949 - 1951
Born in NEW ORLEANS worked with DAVE BARTHOLOMEW first with whom he composed a lot of his own hits.
His main influences are R&B  (Fats Waller, Albert Ammons) &  Rock n Roll.
His early recording are from the late 40s, he had over 20 Hits between 1955-1960

Style: R&B ; Rock N Roll ;


Fats Domino - vocals, piano;
A - 1949-50:
Dave Bartholomew - trumpet; Joe Harris - alt sax;
Herb Hardesty, Clarence Hall - tenor sax; Alvin Tyler - baritone sax;
Ernest McLean - guitar; Frank Fields - bass; Earl Palmer - drums;
B - 1951:
Wendell Duconge (E.Fortner) - alt sax; Robert Hagans - tenor sax;
Walter Nelson - guitar; Bill Diamond - bass; C.Coleman - drums;
JOE TURNER - vocals - 1950
Besetzung wie A  + Justin Adams - guitar, Fats - piano;
SMILEY LEWIS - voc., guitar 1950 with:
Dave Bartholomew - trumpet; Joe Harris - alt sax;  Fats - piano;
Clarence Hall - tenor sax; Papa John Joseph - bass; Herman Seals - drums;

Dec. 10, 1949 - A:
Detroit City Blues
The Fat Man
Hide away Blues
Shes my Baby
Brand new Baby
Little Bee
Boogie Woogie Baby
Hey La Bas Boogie

Sept. 1950  - A:
Korea Blues
Every Night about this Time
Careless Love

Jan. 1951 - B :
Tired of Crying
Whats the Matter Baby
April 1951 - B :
Dont lie to me
Rockin Chair
Sometimes I wonder
June 1951 - B :
Right from Wrong
No No Baby

JOE TURNER - April 1950:
Story to tell
Jumpin Tonight
Love me Baby

SMILEY LEWIS - March 1950:
Tee Nah Nah
Slide me down

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