Label: Rockstar RSRCD 002 (UK) ks
Medium: CD


[Ravin On - From California to Clovis (1961-1963)]


Release 1991
 BUDDY HOLLYS  backing Group  on their own way

Style: Rock n Roll ; Rockabilly ; Country

Buddy Holly ; Slim Whiteman ; Airforce ; Family ; Blind Faith ;
Tommy Allsup ; Everly Brothers ; Eddie Cochran ; Bobby Vee ;

Sonny Curtis, Tommy Allsup - guitar, voc.; Jerry Allison - drums;
Joe Mauldin, Larry Welborn, Joe Osborn, Ric Grech - bass;
Earl Sinks - vocals;

Tracks :
Surfin Special  (arr. Allison-Buzz Cason)  1963
Dont breathe a Word  (Sonny Curtis)  1963
Lookin all over Town  (Sonny Curtis)   1962
I believe in you   (Jeffries-Willet-Mallon)  1962
Bring back my Surfboard  (arr. Allison-Buzz Cason)  1963
Break it easy  (Jerry Naylor)  1962
Little Hollywood Girl  (G.Goffin-Jack Keller)  1962
Rave On  (Sonny West-B.Tilghman-N.Petty)  1965
I dont need a Friend  (unknown)  1961
My little Kim Ruth  (unknown)  1961
Dont say you love me  (J.Allison)  1961
Its all right with me  (unknown)  1961
Im not a bad Guy  (J.Allison)  1962
Parisian Girl  (Sonny Curtis)  1962
The real Thing  (unknown)  1962
Brand new Doll  (unknown)  1962
A Fool never learns  (S.Curtis)  1962  Solo vocal version
A Fool never learns  (S.Curtis)  1962   double tracked voc.
A Harlem Girl  (unknown)  1962
Fell in Love with a Face  (unknown)  1962
Never ever told me  (unknown)  1962
Theres no better Way to die  (unknown)  1962
Bottom of the Sea  (unknown)  1962
Farewell my Bluebell  8unknown)  1962
Buddy Holly & Jerry Allison - Interview  1957

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