Label: Castle NEMCD343 (UK) ks
Medium: CD


[Lonnie (1958) - EP Relax with Lonnie (1958) RI 2000]


This Scotland born guitar- banjo-player, was the starter for a whole generation to try to do it on their own to play an instrument.
A guitar, chestbass, washboard and some simple breaks and a group was born.
Like one of the most prominent The QUARRYMEN  (pre-BEATLES) , The BLUEGENES (Swinging Blue Jeans) or
Germanys own SKIFFLE LORDS.
Donegan started playing with traditionell jazzbands like KEN COYLER or CHRIS BARBER in 1954,
his interpretation of LEADBELLYs : ROCK ISLAND LINE recorded with BARBER started the SKIFFLE Scene.
His best time, toped with many hits  (around 20) lasted from 1956 till early 1963, when his schoolboys took
over. In the mid 70s he played often in germany too, together with Hamburgs LEINEMANN and re-recorded
around others with RORY GALLAGER, ALBER LEE, ELTON JOHN, ZOOT MONEY, his old beloved Songs.
His latest comeback was MULSKINNER BLUES with VAN MORRISON & CHRIS BARBER in 1999.
Before his dead in November 2002, he recorded (2000) together with V. MORRISON & C.BARBER
The Skiffle Session Life in Belfast.
Maybe he is the biggest influence on Great Britains 60s and 70s Scene.

Style :  Skiffle - Folkblues ; R&R ; trad.-Jazz ;

Ken Colyer ; Chris Barber ; Heads Hands & Feet with Albert Lee ; Alexis Korner ;
Leinemann ; Van Morrison ; Rory Gallagher ; Sarstedt Brothers  ; Crickets ; ++++

Lonnie Donegan - vocals, guitar, banjo;

Tracks :
Lonesome Traveller  (with Miki & Griff)
The Sunshine of his Love
Aint no more Cane on the Brazos
Aint you glad you got Religion   (with Miki & Griff)
Times are getting hard Boys
Lazy John
Light from the Lighthouse   (with Miki & Griff)
Ive got Rocks in my Bed
Long Summer Day   (with Miki & Griff)
Sally dont you grieve   (with Miki & Griff)
Whoa Buck  (Whoa Back, Buck)
The Grand Coulee Dam
Ham N Eggs   (with Miki & Griff)
Nobody loves like an Irishman   (with Miki & Griff)
Hard Travellin  Version 1
Hard Travellin  Version 2
Hard Travellin  Version 3
Shorty George
Baby dont you know thats Love
Bewildered  (so bewildered)
It is nor Secret
Kevin Barry
My Lagan Love
My only Son was killed in Dublin  (The dying Rebel)

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