Label: PRT-Teldec 826688 (D) ks
Medium: CD


[Meet The Searchers (1963)]


Release 1987
Formed around 1960, they got first recording contract in 1963. In their best years  63-65 they released 5 albums,
and had 10 Top 20 Hits. Harmonie beat with a 12 string guitar, which influenced the US band BYRDS, they where
one of the best and most successful bands in the beat boom  years. They didn't write to many songs on their own,
that was the bringdown in the next years. Live  always amazing, they had a comeback with 2 great LPs in the beginning
of the 80s, but sorry some years later they split in two different bands, working in the cabaret-club scene.

Style:  Harmonie Beat

Rory Storm & The Hurricanes ; Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers ; Roundabout (=Deep Purple) ;
Tony Jackson & The Vibrations ;

Mike Pender - lead guitar, vocals; John McNally - rhythm guitar, vocals;
Tony Jackson - bass, vocals; Frank Allen (1965) - bass; Chris Curtis - drums, vocals;
John Blunt (1966-69) - drums  (on 'Second Take' LP); Billy Adamson (1969) - drums;

Sweet for my Sweet  (Pomus-Shuman) 
Alright  (Ross)
Love Potion Number Nine  (Leiber-Stoller)
Farmer John  (Harris-Terry)
Stand by me  Beard-Doggett-Willet)
Money  (that's what I want)  (Bradford-Gordy jr.)
Da Doo Ron Ron  (Berry-Greenwhich-Spector)
Ain't gonna kiss ya  (Smith)
Since you broke my Heart  (Everly)
Tricky Dicky  (Leiber-Stoller)
Where have all the Flowers gone  (P.Seeger)
Twist and Shout  (Russell-Medley)

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