Label: Mercury 534612-2 (EU)
Medium: CD


[The Very Best Of - 18 Classic Tracks (1997)]


Release 1997
After the demise of the HOTLEGS ; known through their primitive but genial 
NEANDERTHAL MAN  (Hit No. 2 in UK); they added GRAHAM GOULDMAN ,one of UKs
greatest songwriters (only think on NO MILK TODAY; BUS STOP; HEARTFUL OF SOUL ;
STOP STOP STOP or FOR YOUR LOVE to name a few) to the lineup and 10 CC was born.
In 1972 they  got immediately signed to Jonathan Kings UK-Label.
Already the first single hit the charts at No 2, they followed by a row of top 10 hits in the 70s.
A big break came when GODLEY & CREME split in the middle of 1976 to form a own
successful Duo.  In the 80s, it went quieter around them, so they split in 1983.
The Band reformed somewhere in the 90s.

Style:  Pop-Rock ; 

Mockingbirds ; Mindbenders ; Sabres ; Whirlwinds ; Grumble ; Hotlegs ;
Godley-Creme ; Ramases ; Neil Sedaka ; Blues Band ; Eric Stewart ;
Wax ; Graham Gouldman ; Jonathan King ; Kasenetz-Katz ;

Graham Gouldman - bass, guitar, vocals; Eric Stewart - vocals, guitar, bass;
Lol Creme - vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass; Kevin Godley, Paul Burgess (76-83) - drums, voc.
Rick Fenn - guitar; Tony OMalley, Duncan Mackay - keyboards; Stuart Tosh -  drums;


Donna  (Godley-Creme)   1972
Rubber Bullets  (Godley-Creme-Gouldman)   1973
The Dean and I   (Godley-Creme)   1973
The Wall Street Shuffle  (Stewart-Gouldman)  1974
Silly Love   (Creme-Stewart)   1974
Life is a Minestrone   (Creme-Godley)   1975
Une Nuit A Paris    1976
  Part 1: One Night in Paris
  Part 2: The same Night in Paris
  Part 3: Later the same Night in Paris
Im not in Love    (G.Gouldman-E.Stewart)    1975
Art for Arts Sake    (E.Stewart-G.Gouldman)   1975
Im Mandy  fly me   (E.Stewart-G.Gouldman-Creme)   1975
The Things we do for Love    (E.Stewart-G.Gouldman)   1976
Good Morning Judge    (E.Stewart-G.Gouldman)  1977
Dreadlock Holiday     (E.Stewart-G.Gouldman)    1978
People in Love     (E.Stewart-G.Gouldman)   1977
Under your Thumb      = GODLEY-CREME    1981
Wedding Bells       = GODLEY-CREME    1981
Cry      = GODLEY-CREME   1985
Neanderthal Man     = HOTLEGS  1970


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