Label: Sanctuary CMQCD868
Medium: CD


[Atomic Rooster 1st (1970) Expanded Deluxe Edition /UK]


Great  Band formed1970 with  VINCENT CRANE - keyboards, voc. (Ex-Arthur Brown)
  CARL PALMER - drums (Ex-Arthur Brown; pre-ELP)  NICK GRAHAM - bass, flute pre-SKIN ALLEY)
Graham & Palmer left after first album.
The new group member are JOHN CANN (= DU CANN) - guitars, voc. (ex-Attack, Andromeda, Five Day Week Straw People)
and ex-Farm drummer PAUL HAMMOND...they recorded two high recommended albums together "DEATH WALKS...."
and with adition of new singer PETE FRENCH (Brunning Sunflower Blues Band; Black Cat Bones; Cactus; Leaf Hound;
Randy Pie)  ..IN HEARING OF
These 2nd and 3rd formations are innovating Heavy Metal along with others.
1972:  Farlowe; Crane; Steve Bolton, John Mandela - guitar; Rick Parnell - drums; Bill Smith - bass;
Singer CHRIS FARLOWE   recorded with them the next 2 LP's they are more in Soul influenced Hardrock. 
A great Blues & Soul vocalist but does not really fit to their style.
Band first split in 1974, got reformed in 1980 till 1983. Vincent Crane worked for Dexys Midnight Runners, commited
suicide in 1989.

Style-Genre:  Progressive Hardrock (organ driven), Rock ;

Crazy Worl Of Arthur BrownSkin AlleyELPAttackAndromedaCactusLeaf Hound ;
Brunning Sunflower Blues Band Chris FarloweColosseumHard Stuff ; Randy Pie ;

Vincent Crane - organ, piano; Nick Graham - vocals, bass, flute, guitar;
Carl Palmer - drums, perc., congas, glockenspiel;

Producers: Atomic Rooster & Tony Colton (Friday the13th & Winter);
Front-Artwork: Adrian George; Design: Diogenic-Attempts Ltd.; Photos: R.Loosemore;

1. Friday 13th 
2. And so to Bed 
3. Winter 
4. Decline and Fall 
5. Banstead  6. S.L.Y- 
7.Broken Wings
8. Before Tomorrow   

9.  Friday 13th (US Version)  
10. Before Tomorrow (US-Version) 
11. S.L.V. (US-Version)
12. Friday 13th (BBC-Radio Session) 
13. Seven Lonely Streets (BBC Radio Session)    

                 This first formation was also a great Live Group

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