Label: BGO CD455 (UK)
Medium: CD


[The Dirt Band (1978) - An American Dream (1979)]


Band was formed in 1966 from main members Jeff Hanna, Jimmy Fadden & John McEuen.
First album was a  acoustic-mix by psychedelic influenced Jugband, Folk, Blues, Country and Rock. Founding member
Jackson Browne was only shortly involved by songwriting and studio sessions, before split to go solo and soon becomes
famous. His replacement Chris Darrow only recorded 2 LPs with the band in this time they got more to electric instruments.
With  longtime member Jimmy Ibbotson, who came for Darrow, the group took a way  more into trad. country & Bluegrass.
The great admired album "Will the Circle be Unbroken.." they overcome the cleft between old trad. folk & bluegrass actors
and the young rock influenced musicians.
Between 1976 and 1981 the band without Ibbotson shortened the name to "DIRT BAND" playing Country-Pop-Rock, after
Ibbotson rejoined (82-89) the traditional Country & Folk became the main sound again.

Style : Country ; Folkblues ; Country-Rock ;

see:  Jackson Browne ; Kaleidoscope  (USA) ; Chris Darrow ; Eagles ;


Jeff Hanna - guitar, vocals; Jimmy Fadden - drums, guitar,jug, harp; Jackson Browne (1966) - guitar, voc.;
John McEuen (1966-86) - guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, steel, voc.; Les Thompson - guitar,  mandolin;
Bruce Kunkel  (1966-67) - guitar, kazoo, washtub bass;  Ralp Barr - guitar, bass;
Chris Darrow  (1967-69)- guitar, vocals
Jeff Hanna; John McEuen; Jimmie Fadden; Les Thompson;  Jim Ibbotson - vocals, guitar, perc.
1976-1981:     DIRT BAND
Fadden; McEuen ; Bob Carpenter - piano, keyboards; John Cable - guitar; Jackie Clark - bass;
Al Garth - sax; Merel Bregante - drums;
Ibbotson rejoined  / In 1986 Bernie Leadon from the Eagles came for 2 LPs

The Dirt Band (1978):
In for the Night  (Sanford-Townsend)
Wild Nights  (Hanna-Fadden)
For a little While  (Carpenter-Holster)
Lights  (Roberts)
Escaping Reality  (Kelly)
Whoa Babe  (Fadden)
White Russia  (McEuen-McEuen)
You can't stop loving me now  (Pollard)
On the Loose  (Hanna)
Angel  (Hanna-Fadden)
An American Dream  (1979):
An American Dream  (Jamaica in the Moonlight)  (Crowell)
In her Eyes  (Roberts)
Take me back  (Hanna-Fadden-Hathaway)
Jas' moon  (Hanna-Hathaway-Bregante-Garth-Carpenter)
Dance the Night away  (Carpenter-Holster)
New Orleans  (Guida-Royster)
Happy Feet  (Bregante-Garth)
Do you feel the Way that I do  (Hanna-Fadden)
What's on your Mind  (Hanna-Hathaway-Bregante)
Wolverton Mountain  (Kilgore-King)

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