Label: Universal 159632-2 (DK)
Medium: CD


ACHE (Danmark)
[De Homine Urbano (1970) - Green Man (1971)]

ACHE  (Danmark)

Release 2000
This great progressive symphonic rock band recorded two LPs from 1970 to 1971, when they split.
Finn and Peter  reformed the band 4 years later releasing another two LPs before calling it a day.
Finn Olafsson recorded two solo LPs the first around 1976 and a 2nd followed in 1980, he later went
into producing mainly mainstream hardrock like HARLOT or B-JOE, he also worked for WARNER BROS.

Style: Symphonic-Prog-Rock

see:  Finn Olafsson ; Harlot ;

Peter Mellin - organ, piano; Torsten Olafsson - bass, vocals;
Finn Olafsson - guitars, vocals; Glen Fisher - drums, perc.;

De Homine Urbano  (1970) :
De Homine Urbano  (Torsten Olafsson-Peter Mellin arr.Ache)  18:44
  a) Overture
  b) Soldier Theme
  c) Ballerina Theme
  d) Pas de Deux
  e) Ogre Theme
   f)  Awakening
  g) The Dance of the Demons
  h) Pas de Trois
  i) Thelast Attempt
  j) Finale
Little Things  (T.Olafsson-P.Mellin  arr. Ache)  19:11

Green Man  (1971) :
Equatorial Rain  (Torsten Olafsson)  7:03
Sweet jolly Joyce  (Finn Olafsson)  3:50
The Invasion  6:01
  a) Fanfaronade  (P.Mellin)
  b) Invasion  (Torsten Olafsson)
  c) Monologue  (Torsten Olafsson)
  d) Break-down  (G.Fischer)
Shadow of a Gipsy  (Peter Mellin)  4:40
Green Man  (Torsten & Finn Olafsson)  4:41
Acheron  (P.Mellin)   4:49
We can work it out - Workin  (Lennon-McCartney - Ache)  8:42

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