[Top Secret - Greatest Hits (1979-]


Founded by ex- OLA & The JANGLERS lead singer OLA HAKANSSON  (Bjoern Hakanson) in 1979.
Band lasted till 1988, only  the last album was recorded with 2 new members in the lineup.
Tim Norell who wrote many of the bands songs was no official member, but added some keyboards on and on, by
studio sessions. Already with the first single OH SUZIE released in 1979 they had a big hit  in  many european

Style: Pop

see : Ola & The Janglers ;

Ola Hakansson - lead vocals; Ulf Wahlberg - keyboards, voc.; Leif Paulsen - bass;
Tonny Lindberg - guitars; Leif Johansson - drums, perc.
Anders Hansson - keyboards, guitars, perc.; Mats A.Lindberg - bass;

Tracks:    songs written by T.Norell-B.Hakanson  if not shown
Oh Suzie  1979
The Dancer   2000
Ten OClock Postman   1979
Cry softly  (Time is mourning)   1981
Flash in the Night    1981
Let us dance just a little bit more  1985
Ye Si Ca   1980
If I Try        1982
Fire into Ice    1982
Destiny of Love   (Norell-Oson-Bard)  2000
Night City   (Norell-Oson)   1985
Rainy Day Memories   2000
L.A. Goodbye   1980
When the Night closes in   (Norell-Oson)  1985
The Sound of the Rain   (Norell-Oson-Bard)   2000
Bring Heaven down   (Norell-Oson-Bard)    1992
Like a Morning Song    1982
Dancing in Madness    1982
Jo-Anne, Jo-Anne   1984
Im so, Im so, Im so  (Im so in Love with you)   (Norell-Oson-Bard)  1987

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