Label: Speakers Corner-Decca VPLP005
Medium: LP


[Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton (1966) RI]


180 gram Virgin Vinyl  Audiophile Mastering   Neu / New   (ss)

Influenced through ALEXIS KORNER, John formed his first band in the early 60s, the group changed name to John Mayall,
later to ..& The BLUESBREAKERS after signing record deal with Decca in 1964.
MAYALL became the next great white Blues-School in the UK, through his band passed
so many musicians that it'll be not possible to mention them all.
In 1969 after the departure from MICK TAYLOR to the Stones, Mayall took a new step, with a mainly
acoustic band and no drummer but a bigger jazz influence.
This Line-Up released two LPs, which included his best known song "Room To Move".
After the album "Empty Rooms" he split the band and moved to the U.S.A., working now with
US Jazz & Rock musicians for the following years.
Since the early 90s he's  back on the European  Scene too.

Style:  Bluesrock

Yardbirds;  Cream ;  Fleetwood Mac with P.GreenAynsley Dunbar Retaliation
McGuinness-FlintGraham Bond ; Keef Hartley BandColosseum ;  F.Zappa ;  
Zoot Money ;  Johnny Almond Music Machine;  Mark-Almond ; SugarCane Harris ;
Stone The CrowsCanned HeatHarvey Mandel ; Pure Food &  Drug Act ;   
Dizzy Gillespie ; Rick Vito ; Walter Trout ; Paul Butterfield ; Rolling Stones ;

John Mayall - vocals, organ, harp, guitar;  Hughie Flint - drums; John McVie - bass; 
Roger Dean, B.Watson, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor, Duster Bennett - guitars; 
Aynsley Dunbar
, Keef Hartley, John Hiseman, Colin Allen - drums; Jon Mark - guitar;
Paul Williams, Jack Bruce, Tony Reeves, Steve Thompson, Alex Dmochowski - bass;
Henry Lowther - trumpet; Chris Mercer, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Johnny Almond , Rip Kant - sax;
Alan Skidmore - sax; Healey - tp
USA 1970-1973: 
Larry Taylor, Victor Gaskin - bass; Harvey Mandel, Jerry McGee, Freddy Robinson - guitars; Ron Selico - drums;
Don Sugarcane Harris - violin, vocals; Blue Mitchell - trumpet;  Clifford Solomon - sax

Side One:   
All your Love  (Rush-Dixon)
Hideaway  (King-Thompson)
Little Girl  (Mayall)
Another Man  (arr.:Mayall)
Double Crossing Time  (Mayall-Clapton)
What'd I say  (R.Charles)

Side Two:

Key to Love  (Mayall)
Parchman Farm  (M.Allison)
Have you heard  (Mayall)
Ramblin  on my Mind  (R.Johnson)
Steppin out  (L.C. Frazier)
It ain' t Right  (Jacobs)

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