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[At Home And Down Under (2003)]


PAL  all regions  /   FSK : Ohne Altersbeschränkung   99 Min.  NEW !!!!   Neu
Two Sixties (1966 & 1967) TV - Specials  with over 30 Performances

.. telling the whole story from the beginning around 1963 with first TV appearance in Australia in 1966.
From this time with success over the whole world...working in UK  and Europe, helped by former SPRINGFIELDS
member TOM SPRINGFIELD brother of Dusty. Biggest hit :  GEORGY GIRL in 1967. By end of the 60s it was quieter around
the group, so they split in 1969. Judith Durham went solo and Potger worked with the NEW SEEKERS.
The reformed in 1975 and again in the late 90s.

Style:  Folkbeat ; Folk-Pop ;

  Springields ; New Seekers ; Judith Durham ;

Keith Potger - vocals, guitar; Athol Guy - vocals, double bass, bass; Ken Ray (1963) - lead voc.; guitar;
Judith Durham (64-69) - lead vocals; Bruce Woodley - vocals, guitar;

Down Under TV 1967:
We shall not be moved  (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
Isa Lei   (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
Myra   (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
The Olive Tree   (Tom Springield-Diane Lampert)
With my Swag all on my Shoulder   (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
A World of our Own  (Tom Springfield)
The Times they are a Changin   (Bob Dylan)
The Water is wide   (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
Someday, one Day   (Paul Simon)
Turn, Turn, Turn   (Pete Seeger)
Red Rubber Ball  (Paul Simon-Bruce Woodley)
Come the Day   (Bruce Woodley)
Morningtown Ride   (Malvina Reynolds)
The Carnival is over   (Tom Springfield)
Georgy Girl   (Tom Springfield-Jim Dale)

At Home TV (1966):
A World of our Own  (Tom Springfield)
You can tell the World   (Gibson)
Nobody knows the Trouble I've seen  (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
Morningtown Ride   (Malvina Reynolds)
Sinner Man   (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
Open up them pearly Gates   (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
Just a closer Walk with thee   (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
We shall not be moved   (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
I was born about 10.000 Years ago   (J.Durham-A.Guy-K.Potger-B.Woodley)
Yesterday   (Lennon-McCartney)
Maple Leaf Rag   (Judith Durham)
The Eriskay Love Lilt   (Kennedy-Fraser)
Someday, one Day   (Paul Simon)
I'll never find another you  (Tom Springfield)
A World of our Own  (Tom Springfield)
The Carnival is over   (Tom Springfield)




Zustandsbeschreibung / grading:
New !!!


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