Label: Eagle EDM CD015 (UK)
Medium: 2CD-Set


[The Masters (1963-1965)]


Release in 1997
One of the most influential british invasion groups, with not  fewer than 3 of UKs Super-Guitarplayers in their rows.
BECK-CLAPTON-PAGE  with JEFF as the most innovative one...for me he comes near to HENDRIX.
They started in 1963 as R&B Band  with Top Topham on the guitar, who had to give his chair to ERIC CLAPTON,
before the first  recording date. They backed Sonny Boy Williams on a 1964 Tour, in 1965 Clapton went unhappy
with the direction to more Pop orientated songs and split to join JOHN MAYALLS BLUESBREAKERS.
His repleacement came from R&B group The TRIDENTS and started the most experimental phase.
Their best effort was the album ROGER THE ENGINEER (=OVER UNDER SIDEWAYS DOWN)
The next to split from the band was PAUL SAMWELL-SMITH to go into production with Cat Stevens as best known act.
DREJA took over the bass for a short time only to make the place free for one of the top UK session musician
JIMMY PAGE (bass). Only a single with twin lead-guitars  (Beck & Page) was released in 1966 (Happenings...)
After Beck leaves the band on a US-tour, PAGE took over the lead-guitar for the last album LITTLE GAMES and
a Live album, which was taken from the market short after its  (only US) release on Epic.
In 1967 all was over...and LED ZEPPELIN started. The YARDBIRDS reformed first in the mid 80s and still
touring today with McCARTY & DREJA in the lineup.

Style:  R&B; Pop; Psych;

Casey Jones ;  Tridents;  John MayallCreamDerek & The Dominoes ;  
Eric ClaptonJeff BeckLed Zeppelin ; Keith Relf ; Top Topham ; Reign ;
RenaissanceArmageddon ;  Shoot ;  Illusion ;  Box Of Frogs ; 
Jim McCarty Band ; Together ;  Sonny Boy Williams ; Medicine Head (K.Relf) ;

Jim McCarty - drums, perc., voc.;  Paul Samwell-Smith - bass; 
Keith Relf - vocals, harp; Chris Dreja - rhythm guitar, bass;
Tony Topham, Eric Clapton; Jeff Beck - lead guitar; 
Jimmy Page (67-69) - bass, lead guitar;

Disc One:
For your Love  (G.Gouldman)
Heart full of Soul  (G.Gouldman)
Evil Hearted you   (G.Gouldman)
Shape of Things   (Relf  - Samwell-Smith -McCarty)
The Train kep A-Rollin   (Bradshaw-Mann-Kay)
Smokestack Lightning  (C.Burnett)
Let it Rock  (C.Berry)
Honey in your Hips  (Relf)
Talkin about you  (C.Berry)
Got to hurry    (Rasputin)
Too much Monkey Business  (C.Berry)
Highway 69   (Williamson)
I got Love if you want it  (Moore)
Good Morning little Schoolgirl  (S.B.Williamson)
Pretty Girl   (McDaniel)
Five Long Years  (Boyd)
Im a Man   (McDaniel)
23 Hours too long   (Boyd)

Disc Two:
Boom Boom   (J.L.Hooker)
Jeffs Blues (J.Beck)
You cant judge a Book  (W.Dixon)
Bye Bye Bird  (Williamson-Dixon)
Pontiac Blues   (Williamson)
I dont care no more   (Williamson)
Take it easy Baby  (Williamson)
A certain Girl   (Neville)
Slow Walk   (Williamson)
Respectable   (Isley-Isley-Isley)
Louise  (Temple)
I aint got you  (Carter)
Putty  (in your Hands)  (Patton-Rogers) 
Climbing through   (unknown)
Baby whats wrong  (Reed)
I wish you would  (Arnold)
Here tis    (McDaniel)
I aint done wrong   (Relf)

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