Label: Sony BMG 88697 31386 2
Medium: 5CD Box


[Original Album Classics (2008)]


Release 2008 -  CD Box  with 5 CD in cardboard - Titels see links to CDs or LPs
One of the first & best San Francisco Psychedelic-Underground Bands started in 1965.
Band signed record contract with RCA by end of 1965, the first single release followed 
around march 1966.
They split in 1973 and returned with another lineup as JEFFERSON STARSHIP in 1974,
later the name was shortened to STARSHIP.
Jefferson Airplane Re-Union took place in 1989 (1LP)

Style: psychedelic Rock

Grace Slick & The Great Society ; Ashes (pre-Peanut Butter Conspiracy)Hot Tuna
Moby Grape ; Papa John Creach ; Skip Spence ; Jorma Kaukonen ; Turtles ; Fat Fandango ;  
Grootna ;   Martin Balin & Bodacious D.F.  ; Quicksilver Messenger Service ; SVT ;

Signe Anderson - vocals (only 1st LP 1966); Martin Balin - vocals, guitar;
Paul Kantner
- guitar, vocals; Grace Slick - vocals, keyboards;
Jorma Kaukonen - guitars, vocals; Jack Casady - bass;
Skip Spence - drums (1st LP only); Spencer Dryden (1967-1970) - drums;
Joey Covington (1970/71); John Barbata - drums (1972);
Papa John Creach - violin, voc. (1971-1973)

CD 1
Takes Off  (1966) + 8 Bonus
Blues from an Airplane  (M.Balin-S.Spence)
Let me in  (Balin-Kantner)
Bringing me down  (Balin-Kantner)
It's no Secret  (M.Balin)
Tobacco Road  (Clay Warwick)
Come up the Years  (Balin-Kantner)
Run around  (Balin-Kantner)
Let's get together  (Chet Powers)
Don't slip away  (M.Balin-Skip Spence)
Chauffeur Blues  (Lester Melrose)
And I like it  (Balin-J.Kaukonen)
Runnin'  round this World  (Balin-Kantner)  2:22  Uncensored Mono 45 version
High flying  Bird  (R.Wheeler)   rec. 1965
It's alright  (Kantner-Spence)   rec. 1965
Go to her  (Kantner-Estes)  rec. 1966  version 1
Let me in  (Balin-Kantner)   rec. 1966  original uncensored version
Run around  (Balin-Kantner) rec. 1966  original uncensored Mono version
Chauffeur Blues  (Lester Melrose)   rec. 1966   alternate version
And I like it  (Balin-J.Kaukonen)   rec. 7-66   alternate version

CD 2
Surrealistic Pillow  (1967) + 6 Bonus
She has funny Cars
Somebody to Love (Grace & Darby Slick)
My best Friend
Comin back to me
3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds
How do you feel
Embryonic Journey
White Rabbit  (Grace & Darby Slick)
Plastic Fantastic Lover
In the Morning
J.P.P. McStep B.Blues
Go to her
Come back Baby
Somebody to Love  (mono single version)
White Rabbit  (mono single version)

CD 3
After Bathing At Baxters  (1968)  + 4 Bonus
    1) The Ballad of You & me & Pooneil  (Kantner)
    2) A small Package of Value will come to you shortly
    3) Young Girl Sunday Blues (Balin-Kantner)
The War Is Over
    4) Martha (Kantner)
    5) Wild Tyme (H) (Kantner)
Hymn To An Older Generation
    6) The last Wall of the Castle (J.Kaukonen)
    7) Rejoice  (Grace Slick)
How Suite It Is
    8) Watch her ride  (Kantner)
    9) Spare Chaynge  (J.Casady-S.Dryden-J.Kaukonen)
Shizoforest Love Suite
    10) Two Heads  (Grace Slick)
    11) Won't you try / Saturday Afternoon (P.Kantner)     
The Ballad of You & me & Pooneil  (alternate version)
Martha   (Single version)
Two Heads  (alternate version)
Things are better in the East   (Martys Acoustic Demo)

CD 4
Crown Of Creation  (1968)  + 4 Bonus
Lather  (G.Slick)
In Time  (Kantner-Balin)
Triad  (David Crosby)
Star Track  (Jorma Kaukonen)
Share a little Joke  (Marty Balin)
Chushingura  (Spencer Dryden)
If you feel  (Blackman-Balin)
Crown of Creation  (P.Kantner)
Ice Cream Phoenix  (Kaukonen-Cockey)
Greasy Heart  (G.Slick)
The House at Pooneil Corners  (Kantner-Balin)
Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum  (Dryden-Goodwin)
Would you like a Snack?  (Zappa-Slick)
Share a little Joke  (mono single version)
The Saga of Sydney Spacepig  (prev. unreleased)

CD 5
Bless Its Pointed Little Head  (1969)  -  Live + 3 Bonus
3/5's of a Mile in 10 Seconds  (Balin)
Somebody to Love  (Slick)
Fat Angel  (Donovan Leitch)
Rock me Baby  (trad)
The other Side of this Life  (F.Neil)
It's no Secret  (Balin)
Plastic fantastic Lover  (Balin)
Turn out the Lights  (Kantner-Casady-Kaukonen-Slick-Dryden)
Bear Melt  (Kantner-Casady-Kaukonen-Slick-Dryden)  11:21
Watch her ride
Wont you try

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