Label: Sony Legacy 88697 44553 2 5 (EU)
Medium: 5CD Box


[Original Album Classics (2009)]


Release 2009  -  Box incl. 5CDs with original cover artwork in cardboard sleeves !!
  Formed by ex-Blues Project AL KOOPER, who split after first album.
On vocal DAVID CLAYTON-THOMAS who already had relased some LP's
in a 60s R&B style in Canada.

Style:  Jazzrock


Blues Project David Clayton-ThomasMade In Sweden ;  Jerry LaCroix ; 
Al Kooper ; Bob Dylan ; John Simon ; Buckinghams ; George Wadenius ;
Buffalo Springfield ;   Brecker Brothers ;  American Flyer ;  Jon Faddis ;
Maynard Ferguson ; Carla Bley ; Gil Evans ; Tito Puente ;

Steve Katz - vocals, guitar;  Fred Lipsius - alt sax, piano; 
David Clayton-Thomas - lead vocals;  Jim Fielder - bass;  Bobby Colomby - drums;
Dick Halligan - trombone, flute, keyboards; Chuck Winfield - trumpet, flugelhorn; 
Lew Soloff - trumpet, flugelhorn;  Jerry Hyman - trombone;
Ron McLure - bass, voc. ; George Wadenius - guitar;
Only on 1st LP: 
Al Kooper - lead vocals, keyboards;  Randy Becker - trumpet;  Jerry Weiss - trumpet;

CD 1
CHILD IS FATHER TO THE MAN (1968) + 3 Bonus :

Overture   (Al Kooper)
I love you more than youll ever know   (Al Kooper)
Morning Glory   (Tim Buckley)
My Days are numbered   (Al Kooper)
Without her   (Harry Nilson)
Just one more Smile   (Randy Newman)
I cant quit her   (Al Kooper)
Meagans Gypsy Eyes   (Steve Katz)
Somethin goin on   (Al Kooper)
House in the Country   (Al Kooper)
The Modern Adventures of Plato, Diogenes and Freud   (Al Kooper)
So much Love - Underture   (Goffin-King)
Bonus-Tracks :
Refugee from Yuhupitz  (Instrumental)
I love you more than youll ever know   (Al Kooper)  - Mono
The Modern Adventures of Plato, Diogenes and Freud   (Al Kooper)  alt vers.

CD 2
BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS  (1969) + 2 Bonus :

Variations on a Theme by Eric Satie (1st & 2nd Movements)
Smiling Phases  (S.Winwood-J.Capaldi-C.Wood)
Sometimes in Winter   (S.Katz)
More and More   (P.Vee-D.Juan)
And when I die    (L.Nyro)
God bles the Child   (B.Haliday-A.Herzog jr.)
Spinning Wheel   (D.C.Thomas)
You've made me so very happy   (B.Gordyjr.-B.Holloway-P.Holloway-F.Wilson)
Blues Part II   (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
Variation on a Theme by Eric Satie  (1st Movement)
Bonus Tracks:
More and More  (Live)   prev. unrel.
Smiling Phases  (Live)  prev. unrel.

CD 3
BLOOD SWEAT & TEAR 3  (1970) :

Hi-De-Ho   (G.Goffin-C.King) 
The Battle   (S.Katz-D.Halligan)
Lucrecia Mac Evil   (D.C.Thomas)
Lucrecias Reprise   (Blood Sweat & Tears)
Fire and Rain   (J.Taylor)
Lonesome Suzie   (R.Manuel)
Symphony for the Devil   (D.Halligan)
  -  Symphony for the Devil   (Jagger-Richard)
I.   Emergence  -  a) Fanfare
II.  Devils Game  -  a) Labyrint   b) Satans Dance
III. Submergence  - a) Contemplation  b) Return
Hes a Runner   (Laura Nyro)
Something coming on   (J.Cocker-C.Stainton)
40 000 Headmen   (S.Winwood)
  a) Hungarian Peasant Song  (B.Bartok)
  b) I mean You   (T.Monk)
  c) Lieutenant Kue Suite  (Prokofiev)
  d) Etude for Lew and Zoloff   (F.Lewis)

CD 4
BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS 4  (1971) :

Go down Gamblin   (D.Clayton-Thomas)
Cowboys and Indians   (D.Halligan-T.Kirkman)
John the Baptist  (Holy John)  (A.Kooper-P.Major)
Redemption   (D.Clayton-Thomas-S.Katz-D.Halligan)
Lisa listen to me        (D.Clayton-Thomas-D.Halligan)
A look to my Heart   -  Instrumental  (F.Lipsius)
High on a Mountain  (S.Katz)
Valentines Day   (S.Katz)
Take me in your Arms  (Rock me a little while)  (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
For my Lady   (S.Katz)
Mama gets high   (D.Bargeron-S.Katz)
A look to my Heart   -  Instrumental  (F.Lipsius)

CD 5
NEW BLOOD  (1972) :

Down in the Flood
Touch me
I cant move no Mountains
Over the Hill
So long Dixie
Snow Queen
Maiden Voyage

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