Label: el - Cherry Red ACMEM173CD 803
Medium: CD


[The Fifties Girl Group Phenomenon - The Shirelles - The Chantels ++ (2009)]


Release 2009
US Girl Groups in the late 50s and early 60s

Tracks :
The SHIRELLES  -  I met him on a Sunday
The SHIRELLES  -  I want you to be my Boyfriend
The SHIRELLES  -  I got a Message
The CHANTELS  -  Maybe
The CHANTELS  -  Prayee
The BLOSSOMS  -  He promised me
The BLOSSOMS  -  Move on
The BLOSSOMS  -  Have Faith in me
The BOBBETTES  -  Mr.Lee
The BOBBETTES  -  Look at the Stars
The BOBBETTES  -  Rock and Ree Ah Zole  (The Teenage Talk)
THREETEENS  -  Dear 533-10761
THREETEENS  -  Doo Waddie
The PONI-TAILS  -  Just my Luck to be Fifteen
The PONI-TAILS  -  Born too late
The PONI-TAILS  -  Seven Minutes in Heaven
The QUIN-TONES  -  Down the Aisle of Love
The QUIN-TONES  -  Please Dear
The BABY DOLLS  -  Go away Baby
The BABY DOLLS  -  Boyfriend
The SHARMEERS  -  A Schoolgirl in Love
The DELTAIRS  -  Lullaby of the Bells
The DELTAIRS  -  Standing at the Altar
The STARLETTES  -  Please ring my Phone
The SENSATIONS  -  Please Mr. Disc Jockey
The SENSATIONS  -  Little Wallflower
The ANTWINETTES  -  Johnny O
COPESETICS  -  Believe in me
The TONETTES  -  Oh what a Baby
The TONETTES  - Howie
GEORGETTES  -  Oh Tonight
The JOYTONES  -  Gee what a Boy
The JOYTONES  -  Is this really the End

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