Label: Real Gone RGMCD267 (UK) 806
Medium: 4CD-Set Digi


[1951 - 1962 (2015)]


Release 2014  -  NEW !!!  sealed - 4CD Set Digipak
...electric Chicago Blues   /  born  Chester Burnett  1910  died Jan 1976
Big influence on British Blues Musicians..Captain Beefheart  etc. , he himself was very
influenced by CHARLIE PATTON.
In the late 40s he started own electric blues band and did his first recordings for SAM PHILLIPS 
SUN Records in 1951.
He later changed to Chicagos CHESS label.

Style: City-Blues ;

James Cotton ; Willie Johnson ; Ike Turner ; Muddy Waters ; Eric Clapton ;
Willie Dixon ; Otis Spann ; B.Wyman-C.Watts ; Hubert Sumlin ; Ike & Tina Turner ;

Howlin Wolf - vocals, harmonica;
Willie Johnson, Hubert Sumlin, Jody Williams, Lee Cooper, L.D.McGhee - guitar;
Otis Smothers - guitar; Willie Dixon - bass; Adolph Dockins - tenor sax;
Willie Steel, Earl Phillips; Fred Below, S.P.Leary - drums;
Ike Turner, Hosca Lee Kennard, Otis Spann - piano;

Moanin at Midnight  (Chester Burnett)   - 1951
How many more Years     (C.Burnett)  -  1951
Riding in the Moonlight
Morning at Midnight
Passing Bye Blues
Crying at Daybreak
My Baby stole off  - 1952
I want your Picture
The Wolf is at the Door
 Howlin Wolf Boogie
Gettin Old & Grey
Mr Highway Man
Saddle my Pony
Worried all the Time
Oh, Red !
My last Affair
All Night Boogie   (C.Burnett)   - 1953
I love my Baby

No Place to go   (C.Burnett)   - 1954
Rockin Daddy
Baby how long   (C.Burnett)
Evil is going   (W.Dixon - Burnett)
Ill be around  - 1955
Forty Four   (C.Burnett)
Who will be next
I have a little Girl
Come to me Baby
Dont mess with my Baby
Smokestack Lightning   (Chester Burnett)  -  1956
You cant be Beat
I asked for Water  (she gave me Gasoline)  (C.Burnett)
So Glad
Goin back Home  - 1957
My Life
Somebody in my Home   (C.Burnett)  

Poor Boy  -  1958
Sitting on Top of the World
I didnt know
Moanin for my Baby   (C.Burnett) - 1958
Im leaving you   (C.Burnett)   -  1959
Change my Way  - 1958
Howlin Blues
I better go now  - 1959
Ive been abused
Mr. Airplane Man
You gonna wreck my Life
The Natchez burning
Whos been talkin  - 1960
Tell me
Howlin for my Baby
Wang Dang Doodle  -  1961
Back Door Man

Little Baby  - 1961
Down in the Bottom
Shake for me
The Red Rooster
Youll be mine
Going down slow  - 1962
Just like I treat you
I aint superstitious
Mamas Baby
Do the Do
Worried about my Baby  - LP - Howlin Wolf 1962
Brown Skin Woman
Twisting and Turning
House Rockin Boogie
Keep what you got
Dog me around
Back Slide Boogie


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