Label: Real Gone RGMCD267 (UK) 806
Medium: 4CD-Set Digi


[Singles Collection 1951-1962 (2014)]


Release 2014 - NEW !!!! sealed - 4CD-Set
Born in 1931 he started professional in 1951 with Gospel music in the group the SOUL STIRRERS.
Around 1957 he went more commercial with his solo releases, great expressive soul which he offered
till his death in Dec.1964 (killed).
He was a big influence on Otis Redding, Bobby Womack, Aretha Franklin and on the growing
english R&B scene with Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones or Animals on the front.

Style: Soul

Disc One
SAM COOK with the SOUL STIRRERS (1951-56):
Peace in the Valley   - 1951
Jesus gave me Water
Come lets go back to God
Joy Joy to my Soul
Im gonna build right to the Shore
Until Jesus calls me Home
Just another Day  - 1952
Let me go Home
Jesus paid the Debt  - 1953
He'll will welcome me  (to my Home)
End of my Journey
Hes my Friend until the End   - 1954
Come and go to that Land
Jesus Ill never forget
Any Day now
Nearer to Thee   - 1955
Be with me Jesus
One more River
Im so Glad
Farther along
Touch the Hem of his Garment   - 1956

Disc Two
SAM COOK with the SOUL STIRRERS (1956-58):
Jesus was away my Troubles   - 1956
Pilgrim of Sorrow
Forever Loveable   - 1957
You send me  (Cooke) 
Ill come running back to you
thats all I need to know
I dont want to cry   - 1958
Stealing Kisses
All of my Life
Win your Love for me
Almost in your Arms  (Love Song from Houseboat)
Love you most of all
Blue Moon
(I love you) For sentimental Reasons  (Watson-Best)  1957
Desire me
You were made for me
Lonely Island
Everybody loves to Cha Cha Cha  (Cooke)  - 1959
Little Things you do

Disc Three
Only Sixteen  (Cooke)    1959
Lets go steady again
Happy in Love
I need you now
Summertime Part 1 (Gershwin-Heyward)   2:18  -1957
Summertime Part 2 (Gershwin-Heyward)   2:27  -1957
There Ive said it again
One Hour ahead of this Posse
Steal away
So glamorous
Mary Mary Lou
EE-Yi EE-Yi Oh
Taint Nobodys Bizness (If I do)
No One  (can ever take you Place)
(What a) Wonderful World  (Cooke-Alpert-Adler)   1960
Along the Navajo Trail
With You
I thank God
Teenage Sonata
If you were the only Girl
You Understand me

Disc Four
I belong to you Heart  2:16 - 1960
Chain Gang  (S.&C.Cooke)  2:33 -1960
I fall in Love every Day
Sad Moon  (Cooke)  1960
Love me
Just for you   - 1961
Thats it - I quit - Im Movin on
What do you say
Cupid  (Cooke)  1961
Farwell my Darling
Feel it
Its all right
Twistin'  the Night away  (Cooke)  1962
One more Time
Bring it Home to me  (Cooke)  1962
Having a Party  (Cooke)  1962
Nothing can change this Love
Somebody has Mercy
Send me some Lovin
Baby, Baby, Baby

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