Label: EMI-Trio (UK)
Medium: 3CD-Set


[Special Collection (1963-1993)]


Großartige Harmonie Beat-, Pop-Gruppe, die mit Unterbrechnungen bis Heute aktiv sind.
Beautiful UK-Harmonie Pop/Beat started 1961 & is still active, with some interruptions till today.
One of the best  drummers of this genre is still with them.

Style : Harmonie-Beat; Pop, Psych

Swinging Blue JeansCrosby Sills Nash & Young ; Crosby-Nash ; Haydocks Rockhouse ;
Escorts ; Bamboo ; Shane Fenton & The Fentones (=Alvin Stardust); Allan Clarke ; Mud ;
Move ; Kenny Lynch ; Mikael Rickfors ; Bread ;

Graham Nash - guitar, vocals; Allan Clarke - vocals; Eric Haydock - bass (till 1966);
Bernie Calvert
- bass, keyboards; Tony Hicks - guitars;
Bob Elliot - drums;   Don Rathbone - drums (till 1963 only);
Terry Sylvester - guitar, vocals (10/1968-10/1981); Mikael Rickfors - vocals (8/1971-7/1973);
Steve Stroud, Ray Stiles - bass; Carl Wayne - vocals
Guests: Dougie Wright, Clem Cattini - drums  (Febr-Dec.1968)

CD One :
Ain't that just like me  (Carroll-Guy)
I'm talking about you  (Berry)
Lucille  (Collins-Penniman)
Little Lover  (Nash-Clarke)
Here I go again  (Shuman-Westlake)
Don't you know  (Ransford)
To you my Love  (Ransford)
You'll be mine  (Ransford)
We're through  (Ransford)
The Very last day  (Stooky-Yarrow)
Look through any Window  (Gouldman-Silverman)
So lonely  (Ransford)
I am a Rock  (P.Simon)
I'm Alive  (H.Ballard jr.)
Bus Stop  (Gouldman)
Tell me to my Face  (Clarke-Hicks-Nash)
Clown  (Clarke-Hicks-Nash)
It's you  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
After the Fox  (Bacharach-David)
Stop Stop Stop  (Clarke-Hicks-Nash)

CD Two :

Carrie Anne  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
Dear Eloise  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
Then the Heartaches begin  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
Pegasus  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
Postcard  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
Rain on the Window  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
On a Carrousel  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
Have you ever loved Somebody  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
Leave me  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
Listen to me  (Hazzard)
Open up your Eyes  (Clark-Hicks-Nash)
Wings  (Clarke-Nash)
Do you believe in Love
Goodbye Tomorrow
He ain't heavy he's my Brother  (Russell-Scott)
Frightened  Lady  (Hicks)
Man without a Heart  (Clarke-Sylvester)
Too young to be married  (Original Studio Version)  (Hicks)
Isn't it nice  (Clarke-Sylvester)
Gasoline Alley Bred  (Macauley-Cook-Greenaway)

CD Three :
Long Cool Woman in a black Dress  (Cook-Clarke-Greenaway)
Hold on  (Clarke)
To do with Love  (Hicks-Lynch)
A little Thing like Love  (Clarke-Macauley)
If it wasn't for the Reason  (Cook-Grenaway)
The Day Curly Billy shot Sa, McGee  (Clarke)
The Air that I breathe  (Hammond-Hazlewood)
No more Riders  (Sylvester-Gordon)
Draggin'  my Heels  (Clarke-Sylvester-Hicks)
Carracus  (Clarke-Sylvester-Hicks)
Let it Pour  (Clarke-Sylvester-Hicks)
Soldier Song  (M.Batt)
Take my Love and run  (Chatton-Black)
Too many Hearts get broken  (Clarke-Vale-Leeson)
This is it  (Baldwyn-Pope)
Reunion of the Heart  (Pope)
Find me a Family  (Clarke-Benson)
The Woman I love  (N.Kershaw)
Purple Rain  (Prince)

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