Label: Trilogie 205851 (D)
Medium: 3CD-Box


[Rock Right Now With The Fat Man (2001)]


Release 2001  Recorded 1950 - 1986
Born in NEW ORLEANS worked with DAVE BARTHOLOMEW first with whom he composed a lot of his own hits.
His main influences are R&B  (Fats Waller, Albert Ammons) &  Rock n Roll.
His early recording are from the late 40s, he had over 20 Hits between 1955-1960

Tracks :
CD 1
Whiskey Heaven    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Im Walking   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Blueberry Hill   (A.Lewis-L.Stock-V.Rose)
Whole Lotta Lovin   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Blue Monday   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
I want to walk you Home   (F.Domino)
Aint that a Shame    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Be my Guest   (A.Donimo-J.Marasacako-T,Boyce)
My Girl Josephine  (Hello Josephine)   (D.Bartholomew-A.Domino)
Let the Four Winds blow (D.Bartholomew-A.Domino)
My blue Heaven   (G.Whiting-W.Donaldson)
When the Saints go marching in   (Beducci-Baird)
Sheik of Araby   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
O what a Price   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
The Fat Man    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Im gonna wheel Someday   (Isaac Hayes-A.Domino- D.Bartholomew)

CD 2
Goin to the River   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Jambalaya   (H.Williams)
Red Sails in the Sunset   (J.Kennedy-H.Williams)
Shake Rattle & Roll  (Charle E.Calhoun)
Walking to New Orleans   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew-R.Guidry)
Im in Love again  (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Song for Rose Mary   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Dance with Mr. Domino  (Domino Twist)   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew) Live  5:08
Im ready   (F.Domino-S.Bradford-A.Lewis)
Poor me  (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Please dont leave me   (F.Domino)
So long    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  Live
Margie  (B.Davis-C.Conrad-J.R.Robinson)
Valley of Tears   So long    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
If Your left Eye jumps     (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
Im in the Mood for Love  (J.McHugh-D.Fields)

CD 3
Kansas City   (Leiber-Stoller)
My Toot Toot  (Sidney Timien)  Live
You know I love you     (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
All by myself    (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  6:23
Deep in the Heart of Texas  (D.Swander-June Jerhey)  Live  4:24
When my Dreamboat comes Home   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)
I cant go on   (F.Domino-D.Bartholomew)  Live
Lawdy Miss Clawdy  (Lloyd Price)  Live
Heartbreak Hill   (F.Domino)  Live
Go to the Mardi Gras   (H.R.Byr-T.R.Thomas)
Your cheating Heart  (H.Williams) 
Another Mule   (A.Domino)   5:01
Sentimental Journey   (Bud Green-Les Brown-Ben Homer)   5:23
Lazy Lady   (A.Domino)
I hear you knocking   (D.Bartholomew-Pearl King)  Live
Fats Boogie  (A.Domino)   Live

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