Label: Charly SNAJ742 (UK)
Medium: 3CD-Box


[Flight Box (1969-1972)]


Release 2008   3CD Box incl. Booklet with many rare photos -  each CD in cardboard sleeve
One of the first & best San Francisco Psychedelic-Underground Bands started in 1965. Band signed record contract
with RCA End of 1965, the first single release followed  around march 1966.
Band split in 1973 and returned with another lineup as JEFFERSON STARSHIP in 1974,
later the name was shortened to STARSHIP. Jefferson Airplane Re-Union took place in 1989 (1LP)

Style: psychedelic Rock ; Pop-Rock  (Starship)

Grace Slick & The Great Society Ashes (pre-Peanut Butter Conspiracy)Hot Tuna ;  
Moby Grape ; Papa John Creach ; Skip Spence ; Jorma Kaukonen ; Turtles ; Grootna ;  
Martin Balin & Bodacious D.F. ; Fat Fandango ; Quicksilver Messenger Service ;
Fleur De Lys ; Aynsley Dunbar ; Elvin Bishop ; SVT ;

Musicians - Airplane:
Signe Anderson - vocals (only 1st LP 1966); Martin Balin - vocals, guitar;
Paul Kantner - guitar, vocals;Jorma Kaukonen - guitars, vocals;
Grace Slick - vocals, keyboards; Jack Casady - bass;
Skip Spence - drums (1st LP only); Papa John Creach - violin, voc. (1971-1973)
Spencer Dryden (1967-1970),Joey Covington (1970/71),John Barbata - drums (1972)

Disc One
Recorded Live at The Polo Field - Golden Gate Park - San Francisco   May 1969 :
The other Side of this Life  (F.Neil)  6:37
Somebody to Love  (D.Slick)    4:17
The Farm   (Kantner-Blackman)   3:20
Greasy Heart  (Slick)   3:44
Good Shepherd  (trad.arr. Kaukonen)  5:35
Plastic fantastic Lover  (Balin)   3:45
Uncle Sam Blues   (trad. arr. Kaukonen-Casady)  8:38
Volunteers   (Balin-Kantner)  4:23
White Rabbit   (Slick)  2:27
Wont you try - Saturday Afternoon  (Kantner)  5:09
Jam   (Kantner-Kaukonen-Casady-Dryden)  10:09
We can be Together  (Kantner)   6:57
Mexico (Slick)

Disc Two
Last Flight Part 1 - Live At the WINTERLAND - San Francisco Sept. 1972 :
Intoducing by Bill Graham
Somebody to Love  (G.&D.Slick)   4:39
Twilight Double Leader  (Kantner)   6:37
Wooden Ships   (Stills-Crosby-Kantner)  7:12
Milk Train  (Slick-Spotts)   4:06
Blind John  (Stetson-Monk)   5:57
Come back Baby   (Davis)   8:07
The Son of Jesus  (Kantner)   6:41
Long John Silver   (Slick-Cassady)     5:21
When the Earth Moves again  (Kantner)   4:08
Papa Johns Down Home Blues   (Spotts-Creach)  5:39
Eat Starch Mom   (Slick-Kaukonen)   6:33

Disc Three
Last Flight Part 2 - Live At the WINTERLAND - San Francisco Sept. 1972 :
Johns Other   (Creach)  7:03
Trial by Fire   (Kaukonen)   4:58
Law Man   (Slick)   2:41
Have you seen the Saucers?  (Kantner)   4:20
Aerie  (Gang of Eagles)  (Slick)  3:37
Feel so goos  (Kaukonen)   11:30
Crown of Creation   (kantner)   3:34
Walking the Tou Tou   (Kaukonen)   6:01
Medley :  (Slick-Kantner-Buchwald-Kantner)  5:23

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