Label: Big Beat WIKAD101 (UK) 814
Medium: LP


[Look Mom No Head ! (1991) LP]


Release 1991  -  NEW !!! sealed

US band CRAMPS was founded in 1976 around Erick Purkhiser and his wife Kristy Wallace - after the death of Erick in
2009 the band split. They mixed 50s music styles like Rock & Roll and Rockabilly with the energy of 60s Garage-Punk.
1st album SONGS THE LORD TAUGHT US got a release in 1979.

Style: Rockabilly - Garage - Punk ;

Alex Chilton ; Gun Club ; Iggy Pop ;

Erick 'LUX INTERIOR' Purkhiser  (1946-2009) - lead vocals; Kristy 'POISON IVY' Wallace - guitar, bass, voc.;
Greg Gregory (-79), Brian Kid Powers (79-81) - guitars; Conny Del Mar (85-90), Slim Chance (90-), Scott Franklin (90-2002) - bass;
Pum Beckerleg (76), Miriam Linna (76-77), Nicolas Stephanoff (77-90), Harry Drumdini - drums, perc.;

Producers: Poison Ivy ; Recorded & mixed by: Steve MacMillan;
Design & Photo: Lux Interior; Photo back: Kash;

Guest Appearance by:  IGGY POP - on: Miniskirt Blues ;

Side One
Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots
Two Headed Sex Change
Blow up your Mind
Hardworkin Man
Miniskirt Blues
Alligator Stomp

Side Two
I wanna get in your Pants
Bend over, Ill drive
Dont get funny with me
Eyeball in my Martini
Hipsville 29 BC
The Strangeness in me

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