Label: EMI 7946132-5
Medium: 2CD-Set


[The Complete Animals (1964-1965)]


Release 1990
Eric Burdon one of the greatest blues and rock shouters Great Britain has to show, with a really black voice.
The ANIMALS started  in 1963, when Eric joined the ALAN PRICE COMBO. With a new arrangement of an
american traditional song, they toped the UK Charts in 1964 and is well known till today. Till  late 1966 they
had around 9 or 10 entries in the Top 20. In 1965 Alan Price left the group and was replaced by former
MIKE COTTON SOUND Dave Rawberry. With a change in the lineup they worked from end of 1966 more in
the states, releasing one fine album on MGM named ANIMALSM which got always mistaken with the album
Animalsms on DECCA. In 1967 ERIC formed ERIC BURDON & The (new) ANIMALS and recorded with them
till end of 1968 four great psychdelic rock albums. In the 70s he started with WAR.
Chas Chandler went into production and discovered JIMI HENDRIX. In the 80s the band reformed.

 Style: R&B ; Bluesrock ; Psych

Eric BurdonAlan Price Set ; Chas Chandler ; Hilton Valentine ; Dave Rowberry ; Nashville Teens
Mike Cotton Sound ; John Weider ; Zoot Money Big Roll Band ; War ; Johnny Kidd & The PiratesStud ;


Eric Burdon - lead vocals; Chas Chandler - bass; John Steel - drums; Hilton Valentine - guitar;
Alan Price (April1965) , Dave Rowberry - keyboards; Barry Jenkins (1966-68) - drums;
Burdon & Jenkins  +
John Weider - guitar, bass, violin, keyb.; Vic Briggs - guitar, piano; Danny McCulloch - bass;
Andy Summers - guitar, voc.,George Bruno Money (Zoot) - keyboards, voc.;

Disc 1
Boom Boom  (J.L.Hooker)  1964
Talkin  bout you  (R.Charles)  1964   - Full Version
Blue Feeling   (unknown)  1964   -  prev. unreleased in UK
Dimples  (J.L.Hooker-Bracken)  1964
Baby let me take you Home   (Russell-Farrell)  1964
Gonna send you back Walker  (Matthews-Hammond jr.)  1964
Baby whats wrong  (J.Reed)    -  prev. unreleased
House of the rising Sun  (trad. arr. A.Price)  1964
F-E-E-L    (unknown)   -  prev. unreleased
Im mad again  (J.L.Hooker) 1964
The right Time   (Herman)  1964
Around and Around  (C.Berry)  1965
Im in Love again  (Domino-Bartholomew) 1964
Bury my Body  (arr. Price)  1964
She said Yeah   (Jackson-Christy)  1964
Im Crying  (Price-Burdon)  1964
Take it Easy  (Price-Burdon)  1964
The Story of Bo Diddley  (Burdon-McDaniel)  1964
The Girl cant help it   (Troup)  1964
Ive been around   (F.Domino) 1964

Disc 2 :
Memphis Tennessee (C.Berry)  1964
Dont let me be Misunderstood   (Benjamin-Marcus-Caldwell)  1965
Club-A-Go-Go  (Burdon-Price)   1965
Roadrunner   (McDaniel) 1965
Hallelujah I love her so  (R.Charles)   1965
Dont want much  (unknown)  -  prev. unreleased
I believe to my Soul  (R.Charles) 1965
Let the good Times roll  (Lee)  1965
Mess around   (Nugetre) 1965
How youve changed  (C.Berry)  1965
I aint got you    (B.B.Arnold)  1965
Roberta  (Smith-Vincent) 1965
Bright Lights big City  (Reed)  1965
Worried Life Blues   (Merriweather)  1965
Bring it on Home to me  (S.Cooke)  1965
For Miss Caulker  (Burdon)  1965
I cant believe it  (Burdon)  1965
Weve gotta get out of this Place  (Mann-Weill)  1965
Its my Life  (Atkins-dErrrico)  1965
Im going to change the World  (Burdon)  1965

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