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[Worlds End (1970) - Peoples People (1971)]


Release 2011  -  Digipak
The band arose out of Irish R&B Band  METHOD

Wonderful psychedellic songs with some Jazz and Progrock influences, all songs composed by DAVE LEWIS, this
was the first album released as ANDWELLA'S DREAM.  After changing the label they released 2 albums in sound
an mix of progressive rock with a tend to mainstream.

see:  Andwellas Dream ; Dave LewisOne In A Million ;  Method ; Thunderclap Newman ;

Dave Lewis - guitar, piano, organ, lead vocals;  Gordon Barton - drums;  Nigel Smith - bass, voc.;
Dave McDougall - keyboards; 
1971:  ANDWELLA:  Jack McCulloch - drums; Dave Struthers - bass, voc.;

World's End (1970) :
Hold on to your Mind
Lady Love
Michael Fitzhenry
I'm just happy to see you get her
Just how long
World's End  Part 1
World's End  Part 2
Back to the Road
I got a Woman
Reason for Living
Shadow of the Night

People's People (1971) :
She taught me to Love
Saint Bartholomew
The World of Angelique
Mississippi Water
I've got my own
Are you Ready
Four Days in September
Lazy Days
People's People
All for you

          all songs by: D.Lewis

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