Label: Overture 34014-2 (US)
Medium: CD


[Unwrapped Undressed & Unplugged (1992-1996)]


Starting as Glam Metal Band in 1987, releasing first album in the same year.
In 1988 a second more melodic hardrock influenced album followed.
The 1993 album was another improvement great Heavyrock throughout with a bluesy edge.
Grandious guitar sound and vocal-counterparts from Laura (sometimes like Janis Joplin),
Mary and Jade.  The whole sounds like a mix from SOUNDGARDEN; JANIS JOPLIN and
FLEETWOOD MAC in one pot.
The next and last studio album was recorded after Mary Stuarts split from the band, the
sound is more dark, even harder with grunge elements.
So far the best album, without any bad track.
After one last sign of life an half unplugged album, only Jade and his sister Laura
(recorded in february 1996) 4 songs and one hidden track completed with a Live-Radio-Show
for WDZR (Z-Rock) in Detroit dating from Oct. 12. 1992.
Nothing more was seen or heard from the band.
MARY STUART released one great Solo album, which mixed Folk, Rock and Psych, but went down
almost unnoticed, like a pearl waiting  to be discovered.

Style : Heavyrock  with Blues & Funk elements

see : Mad Hatter ; Sponge ; Mary Stuart ; Larry Santos ;

Jade Scott (Santos) - guitars, vocals, producer, engineer, arranger;
Laura Ruby  (born Santos) - vocals, keyboards;
Mary Stuart - vocals, piano, organ;
Chris Stuba - bass, voc.; Rick Ferrante, Kian Smith  - drums, perc.;

Jade, Laura  with  Tim Patalan - bass, voc.; Jody Cortez - drums;

In my Head   (Jade Scott)   1996
Warm Waters  (Jade Scott)  1996
Over you now  (Jade Scott)  1996
Heart on my Sleeve  (Jade Scott)  1996
Saltwater  (Jade Scott-Mary Stuart)  1992
Oh Sister  (Jade Scott-Mary Stuart)  1992
I know a Boy  (Jade Scott)  1992
Street Lines  (Jade Scott)  1992

(Traffic  ??)  + hidden track   from 1996

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