Label: WB 926575-2 (D) ks
Medium: CD


[Mighty Like A Rose (1991)]


Release 1991
Born in a musical family as son of ROSS McMANUS (big band singer) who got best known through his mid 60s
floor filler PATSY GIRL.
One of the greatest UK songwriters established around 1977 and signed to Radar & Stiff Records first.
He went successfull from 2nd album release on.
Maybe for me , the story of his success was integrating many different styles in his songs from Country
over R&B ; R&R ; Reggae;  to Rock and  Punk  even big band sound.
By end of the 70s he was an established songwriter too, his songs got covered by DAVE EDMUNDS,
LINDA RONSTADT, ROBERT WYATT , in the 80s he wrote together with PAUL McCARTNEY too.

Style :  Indie-Rock  many influences

Clover ; Hue Lewis & The News ; Quiver ;Chill Willi + Red Hot Pepper ;
Wilko Johnson ; Nick Lowe ; Brinsley Schwarz ; Roger McGuinn ;
Burt Bacharach ; James Burton ; T-Bone Burnett ;

Musicians :
Elvis Costello - lead vocals, 12 string guitar, guitar, bass, harmonica;
Bruce Thomas - bass, voc.; Pete Thomas - drums;
Steve Nieve - keyboards;
Nick Lowe - guitar, producer;
Costello ++ 
Pete Thomas, Jim Keltner - drums; Jerry Scheff, Nick Lowe - bass;
Larry Knechtel, Michael Froom - piano, organ; Roger Lewis - sax (bs);
Marc Ribot - e-guitar, rhythm guitar; T-Bone Walk - bass;
James Burton - lead guitar, acoustic guitar; Benmont Tench - piano, spinet;
Ross MacManus - trumpet; Rob Wasserman - standup bass;
N. Bucknall - clarinet; R.Morgan - oboe; N.Levesley - bassoon;
A.Findon - flute; S.Rayner - french horn; + DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND

Tracks :        all songs by MacManus  (Costello) if not shown
The other Side of Summer
Hurry down Doomsday  (Costello-Keltner)
How to be Dumb
All grown up
Invasion Hit Parade
Harpies Bizarre
After the Fall
Georgie and her Rival
So like Candy  (McCartney-MacManus)
Interlude :
   Couldnt call it Unexpected No. 2
Playboy to a Man  (McCartney-MacManus)
Sweet Pear
Broken  (ORiordan)
Couldnt call it Unexpected No. 4

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