Label: Polydor 52963 (D)
Medium: single


[Even the Bad Times Are Good - My Magic Room (1967)]

GIANTS, The  (D)

Founded in 1962 the band released 1st single SHERRY (4 Seasons cover) on the
Ariola label in 1966.
GIBSON from Paddy Klaus & Gibson went to Hamburg and played with the band
replacing George Mavros on drums, who became their lead singer.
They now recorded a 2nd single for the Polydor label.
After they split in 1967 .. KEMP made one single for Polydor under his name
the backside was the recording fromerly released under the GIANTS.
KEMP today has an english Pub in Hamburg

Style:  Beat

Kings Size Taylor ; Gibson Kemp ;  Rory Storm & The Hurricanes ; The Bonds ;
Eyes ; Paddy Klaus & Gibson ; Rattles ; Mandrake Root (incl. R.Blackmore) ;
German Bonds ; Asterix ; Pink Mice ; Lucifers Friends ; Comix ; James Last ;

Peter Hesslein - lead guitar, vocals; Zappo Luengen - bass, vocals;
George Mavros - lead vocals, drums; Eggert Johannsen (62-65) - rhythm guitar, voc.;
Gibson Kemp - drums, vocals;

Side A
Even the bad Times are good  (Mitch Murray-Peter Callender)
Side B
My Magic Room   (The Giants-P.Ritter) 

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