Label: Fontana 269364TF (D)
Medium: single


[Raindrop (=cover TAGES) - Ill Catch her (1967)]


One of the oldest german bands formed in 1960 from Achim Reichel and Herbert Hildebrandt.
First releases on Philips in 1963 , one year later they released 2 albums on Ariola before the
STAR-CLUB label was born in 1965 lasting till 1967.
Many lineup changes till the 2nd take of  "The Witch" in 1970 became  a hit in  many
countries (UK, Germany; italy , US  etc.) The Band split in 1977 re-united in the late 80s.
The RATTLES toured with The ROLLING STONES and the EVERLY BROTHERS successful
through the UK in autumn of 1963 & spring 64.
In 1966 they played on the BEATLES-BRAVO-Blitztour, as  the far better Live-Act only
CLIFF BENNETT was near as good.
In 1968 Hildebrandt took over as producer and songwriter.
Herbert Hildebrandt and Dicky Tarrach reformed the band in 1988 for a short time with
Achim and Henner, still touring and recording till today.

Style:  Beat  (R&B + RocknRoll)


Mama Betty's Band ; Wonderland (Band) ; AR-Machines ; Achim Reichel ; Faces ;
German Bonds ; Rivets ; Four Renders ; Phantom Brothers ; Tonics ;  Edna Bejerano ;
Lude LaFayette & Wolfsmond ; Randy Pie ; Rudolf Rock und die Schocker ; Weed ;
Moti Special ; Bokaj Retsiem ; The Fixx ; Gorillas ; Our Gang ; Propeller ; Pegasus ; 
Cravinkel ;   and many more


Achim Reichel (-1966) - vocals, guitar; Herbert Hildebrandt - bass, vocals;
Dicky Tarrach - drums; Hajo Kreutzfeld, Volker Reinhold - guitar;
Dieter Sadlowsky (-1962) - drums; Herbert Rugenstein  65-68) - guitar;
Bernd Schulz (66-68) - organ; Frank Dostal (66-67) - vocals;
Rainer Degner - guitar, vocals; Peter Becker - drums; Zappo Luengen -bass;
Henner Hoier - vocals; Georg Meier - guitar;
Edna Bejerano (1970-73), Linda Field (-77) - lead vocals; Frank Mille - guitar, voc.;
Jochen Peter = Lude Lafayette - keyboards; Peter Hesslein, Georg Meier - guitars;
Herbert Bornhold (70-73), Wolfgang Brock - drums; + Zappo - bass

Side 1
Raindrop  (T.Blom-Lagerberg-Topel-Larson-Svenson)  1967   see: Tages
Side 2
Ill catch her  (Hildebrandt-Winhauer)



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