Label: Odeon O 21676 (D)
Medium: single


FEETWARMERS, The (=Doldinger)
[Ein Schiff wird kommen - Muss I denn zum Staedtele hinaus (1960)]

FEETWARMERS, The   (=Doldinger)

Klaus Doldinger already in the late 50s active with his Dixie - Trad.-Jazz-band  THE FEETWARMERS (incl.later  SPD Minister
Manfred Lahnstein-trombone) and in the 60s  with latin-jazz over psychdellic-rock with The MOTHERHOOD  to his
well known Jazz-Rock-Band  PASSPORT. Doldinger produced together with SIGI LOCH (Liberty, Starclub ; Warner, Act) under
the name BLUE SOUNDS or PAUL NERO (SOUNDS)  for Fontana and later for Liberty some records for the dance
interested customers and also for the cheap market. Most of the tracks are cover-versions from Soul, R&B and Pop Hits,
mixed with some original compositions. Today sought after by MOD freaks.

Style:  Pop-Soul ; Popsike ;

Passport ; Feetwarmers ; Embryo ; Amon Duul II ; Sigi Schwab ; Paddy, Klaus & Gibson ; Organisation ;
Udo Lindenberg ; Paul Vincent ; Cherubin ; Horton-Schwab ; Davy Jones ; Ian & The Zodiacs ; Eyes (D) ;

Klaus Doldinger - clarinet; Juergen Buchholtz - trumpet; Manfred Lahnstein - trombone; Kurt Bong - drums;
Heino Ribbert - bass; Alfons Zschockelt - guitar; Claudio Szenkar - piano;
Klaus Doldinger - sax; Sahib Shilab, Peter Trunk, Klaus Voorman, Lothar Meid - bass;
S.v.Dobrcinsky, Olaf Kuebler - sax, flute; Attila Zoller, Siegfried Schwab - guitars, sitar;
Ingfried Hoffmann - organ; Gibson Kemp, Udo Lindenberg, Klaus Weiss - drums;  
FlorianSchneider-Esleben - flute;     and so on.......

Side A                   
Win Schiff wird kommen  (Hadjidakis)

Side B
Muss I denn zum Staedtele hinaus  (Wagner / (1824)

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