Label: United Artists UAG29507 (UK) kW
Medium: LP


CALVERT, ROBERT (see: Hawkwind)
[Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters (1974) LP]

CALVERT, ROBERT  (see: Hawkwind)

African born BOB CALVERT joined HAWKWIND after first album in 1971.
He quit HAWKWIND in late 1973 to concentrate on solo-projects, but
rejoined after two solo albums end of 1975 - stayed till HAWKLORDS
project stopped in early 1979.
He recorded 3 further solo albums till he died in August 1988.

Style: Psych-Space Rock

see :
Hawkwind ; High Tide ; Liverpool Scene ; Plainsong ; Andy Roberts ; Pink Fairies ;
Twink - Tomorrow - Pretty Things ; Arthur Brown ; Motorhead ; Sam Gopal ; Gun ;

Musicians :
Robert Calvert - vocals, tr., perc.;
Paul  Rudolph - lead-guitar, bass, guitars; Nick Turner - sax; Twink, Simon King - drums;
Lemmy - bass, rhythm guitar; St John Le Baptiste De La Salle, Del Dettmar - synthesiser, electronic;
Dave Brock - lead guitar (Widow Maker) ; Arthur Brown - vocals; Adrian Wagner - keyboards;
Viv Stanshall, Jim Capaldi, Tom Mittledorf, Richard Ealing & Bob - back up vocals;

Producer: Roy Baker
Art Concept, Graphics, Illustrations: B.Calvert - Pierre Tubbs - Stanislaw Fernandes - Solution ;

Side 1
Franz Josef Strauss - Defence Minister reviews the Luftwaffe in 1958...
The Aerospaceage Inferno
Aircraft Salesman  (A door in the Foot)
The Widow Maker   (Dave Brock)
Two Testpilots discuss the Starfighters Performance
The Right Stuff
Board Meeting
The Song of Gremlin (Part One)  (Adrian Wagner-Arthur Brown)

Side 2
Ground Crew  (last Minute Reassembly before take off)
Hero with a Wing
Ground Control to Pilot
I Resign
The Song of Gremlin (Part Two)  (Adrian Wagner-Arthur Brown)
Bier Garten
Catch a falling Starfighter




Zustandsbeschreibung / grading:
 m-  (embossed gatefold sleeve & attached booklet) 
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