Label: Island (white) SSWT 1 (UK) kW
Medium: LP


[In Conversation (1987) LP]


Fifteen year old but already highly talented singer, guitarplayer and keyboarder STEVE joined his older brother in
The SPENCER DAVIS GROUP  (highly successful 60s R&B band with a lot of soul through Stevie) which lasted
from 1963 to 1967.After that he formed  with DAVE MASON the great partly psychedlic influenced TRAFFIC,
which came to a end after 3 albums in the middle of 1969, when he joined his friend ERIC CLAPTON 
(had recorded with him some songs under the name POWERHOUSE before) in the new formed Supergroup
BLIND FAITH, which was finished after only 1 LP.
He went with GINGER BAKER and recorded with his band AIRFORCE, before reforming TRAFFIC in 1971.
 His Solo-Debut LP  released in 1977 followed by his 2nd in 1980 find their way into UKs Top 20.
He also worked as session musician for : Jim Capaldi, Jimi Hendrix ; Joe Cocker ; Vivian Stanshall; Third World
and many more, he had joined STOMU YAMASHTAs GO for some LPs too.

Style: Pop-Rock

Spencer Davis Group ; Traffic ; Blind Faith ; Ginger Bakers Airforce ;
Jim Capaldi ; Stomu Yamashta ;

Steve Winwood - lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, hammond organ;

Side One
Conversation     2:35
Arc of a Diver   (Winwood-V.Stanshall)   5:28
Conversation     3:35
Wake me up on Judgement Day   (S.Winwood-W.Jennings)   5:45
Conversation     0:50
While you see a Chance  (S.Winwood-W.Jennings)    4:01
Conversation     1:32
Vacant Chair   (Winwood-V.Stanshall)      4:36

Side Two
Conversation     2:01
Help me Angel  (S.Winwood-W.Jennings)     4:58
Conversation     1:54
Higher Love       (S.Winwood-W.Jennings)   4:11
Conversation     1:23
Spanish Dancer  (S.Winwood-W.Jennings)      4:36
Conversation      2:27
Talking back to the Night   (S.Winwood-W.Jennings)  4:08




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