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[Between Thought and Expression - The Lou Reed Anthology (1992)]


Promo - CD release for Antholgoy - Box     TRADE - OFFER

Release 1992
From stuff songwriter for cult edel punk
To promote his song 'The Ostrich'  he recorded him with his band The PRIMITIVES, and landed
a small local hit in  1965.
Together with the classical trained Wales born John Cale he formed The VELVET UNDERGROUND
in 1966, helped by pop artist ANDY WARHOL  they grew up to one of  the most influental bands till today.
They didn't sell to many records, because they were known more localy in New York, but it' s told everybody
who bought one started an own group????!!
In 1970 he split from The VELVETs to start an sometimes very experimental Rock Songwriter solo career with
dark depressive punk-rock songs and  social influenced lyrics.  First 3 albums he  recorded in the UK. 

Style:  Punk & Rock

Primitives ; Velvet Underground ; John Cale ; Nico ;
David Bowie ; Mick Ronson ; Alice Cooper ; Mitch Ryder ;

Lou Reed - vocals, e-guitar, acoustic guitar;

Tracks :  
Walk on the Wild Side   1972 
                 with: M.Ronson, K.Voorman, H.Flowers, B. Desouza, R.Dharma
Sweet Jane   (Live 1973) 
                  with: D.Wagner, S.Hunter, R. Colcord, P.John, P.Glan
Kicks    1975 
        with:  B.Kulick, B.Yaw, M. Suchorsky, M.Wendroff, J.Vent
Here comes the Bride   (Live 1978)   prev. unreleased
         with: E.Boles, M.Fonfara, M.Suchorsky, M.Fogel, S.Heinrich, A.Howard, 
Tell it to your Heart   1986
          with: F.Saunders, S.Merendino, J.T.Lewis, Ruben Blades
Voices of Freedom  (Live 1987)
          with: Rick Bell, Youssou NDour & Peter Gabriel
              for:Secret Policemans Third Ball  (Virgin)

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