Label: Esoteric ECLEC2 2281 (EU)
Medium: 2CD-Set


[Tales of Taliesin - The EMI Years Anthology (1975-1981)]


Release 2010
Named after William Burroughs book, they got formed in Canterbury around 1967.
With Australian guitar player Daevid Allen and Kevin Ayers on bass the first lineup
recorded some tracks, but first only a single produced and written by KIM FOWLEY,
with a very special psychedelic sound was released on Polydor.
I still remember hearing it on a Pirate Radio Station and looking for it, without success.
Other recordings from that lineup got released as LP on BYG in France only...later often re-released on CD named  JET PROPELLED.
After some gigs in France Daevid Allen was not allowed to come back to the UK.
So the first real album was without him...a great psychedelic album with a nice gimmick cover (watch) but originaly released only in the USA, where the band toured with Jimi Hendrix.
Ayers left the band after the tour to go solo. Hugh Hopper; who played with Wyatt in the WILDFLOWERS replaced him.
The 2nd album also psychedelic but shows the way to jazz.
The next album 3rd was an ambitious masterpiece, showed the way for the following Jazzrock generations.
This concept was followed by the next  releases, but to watered down after the sixt album.

Style : Psych, Prog; Jazz-Rock; Fusion

Wildflowers ; Kevin Ayers ; Robert Wyatt  &  Matching Mole ; Elton Dean ;
Daevid Allen & Gong ; The Cake (US) ; Hugh Hopper ; Caravan ; Nucleus ;
Andy Summers ; Delivery ; Alan Holdsworth's Igginbottom ;

Mike Ratledge - organ, keyboards.; Kevin Ayers - bass, guitar, vocals;
Robert Wyatt - drums, voc.;Daevid Allen - guitar; Hugh Hopper - bass;
1970-1981 :
Elton Dean - sax, electric piano; Lyn Dobson, Ray Warleigh - sax (as), flute;
Alan Wakeman - sax (ss, ts) ; Rab Spall, Ric Sanders - violin;
Mark Charig - cornet; Jimmy Hastings - flute, clarinet; Alan Skidmore - sax;
John Marshall - drums; Karl Jenkins - piano, sax; Nick Evans - trombone;
Andy Summers, Alan Holdsworth, John Etheridge - guitar; Phil Howard (71) - drums ;
Roy Babbington, Steve Cook, Jack Bruce - bass, double bass; 
Dick Morrissey  (IF) - t-sax; John Taylor - e-piano; Alan Parker - rhythm guitar;
Tony Rivers, Stu Calver, John Perry - back.-voc.;

Disc One
Hazard Profile Part One  (K.Jenkins)
Gone Sailing   (A.Holdsworth)
Bundles    (Karl Jenkins)
Land of the Bag Snake   (Allan Holdsworth)
The Floating World   (K.Jenkins)
The Tale of Taliesin  (K.Jenkins)
Out of Season     (K.Jenkins)
Second Bundle   (K.Jenkins)
Nexus     (K.Jenkins)
One over the Eight   (Jenkins-J.Marshall-John Etheridge-A.Wakeman-R.Babbington)
Number Three   (John Etheridge)
The Nodder    (K.Jenkins)

Disc Two
White Kite    (K.Jenkins)
Eos   (K.Jenkins)
Odds Bullets and Blades Part One   (K.Jenkins)
Odds Bullets and Blades Part Two   (K.Jenkins)
Puffin    (K.Jenkins)
Huffin    (K.Jenkins)
Song of Aeolus
Soft Space       (K.Jenkins)
Over n Above   (K.Jenkins)
(Black) Velvet Mountain   (K.Jenkins)
Sly Monkey    (K.Jenkins)
Panaramania   (K.Jenkins)

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