Label: Esoteric EANTCD 1003 (UK)
Medium: CD


xPTs (ex- Pretty Things)
[Parachute Reborn (2012)]

xPTs    (ex- Pretty Things)

This LP mixes Hardrock with Psych and West Coast Sound ..
                       ...  like always ahead of their time and bad selling.
Povey & Waller left in 2008 and 2009 the original PRETTY THINGS to be at home by
some ill family members.
Already in 2009 they did some recording as the BEXLEY BROS  (Fenmen) released
on Ugly Things Records.
In 2010 they re-united with PETER TOLSON one of the orginal Parachute recording
members to re-record PARACHUTE without Phil May - to give the album a more modern
sound with great guitar and marvelous vocal harmonies. Two new composition are added.

Pretty Things ; Eire Apparent (Tolson was a member in late 1970) ; Marcus Hook Roll Band ;
Bern Elliott & The Fenmen ; Fairies ; Tomorrow ; Rolling Stones ; Edgar Broughton ; BJH ;
Jack Green ; Hawkwind ; Mekons ; Skin Alley ; YardbirdsBlues Hangovers (OZ) ;
Pink Fairies; Vamp ; Bunch Of Fives ; Kate ; Denny Laine ; Arthur Brown ; John Lee ;

Musicians :
WALLY WALLER - bass, guitar, vocals; PETER TOLSON - guitars, voc.;
JOHN POVEY - keyboards, perc., harp, voc.; SKIP ALLAN - drums, perc.;

Scene One         (all songs by : May-Waller)
The Good Mr.Square  - She Was Tall, She Was High 
The Rain Trilogy
  1. In The Square 
  2. The Letter 
  3. Rain 
Miss Fay Regrets  
Cries From The Midnight Circus  
Sickle Clowns  
She's A Lover 
What's The Use 
Parachute  (N.Smith-May)

Here we go again  (Jon Povey)
Think of Me Sometimes  (Wally Waller)

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