Label: Virgin V2017 (UK) kW
Medium: LP


[Rock Bottom (1974) LP]


He was a member of the WILDE FLOWERS from 1963 till 1966 the soul and  R&B influenced mother-band
of the Canterbury Scene.
After that he became a founding member of The SOFT MACHINE (1966-1971), followed by his own band
(2 albums 1972-73), which came to end , when he got paralysed after a fall out of a window.
His first  solo album , a mix from Freeform to Jazzrock was released in 1970 (it took me a long time -30 years- 
- to understand it - now Im  able to hear it) .
He had a break after the accident , but came back with his next effort in 1974.
Now on vocals and keyboards he released two great LPs on Virgin and even had a small single hit with
the NEIL DIAMOND song : Im a Believer.
It now became quiet till the 80s, when he started  releasing some rare 7inches first and with :
Nothing Can Stop Us - a new album in 1982. In his break he took part on some sessions.
. Since this time he is very active releasing some great albums.

Style:  Freeform-Jazzrock ; Psych ; Prog-Jazz-Rock

See - Canterbury Scene:
Wilde Flowers ; Soft Machine ; Matching Mole ; Daevid AllenCaravan ; Hatfield & The North ;
Syd Barrett ; Ben Watt ; Henry Cow ; Nick Mason ; Kevin Ayers ; Pink Floyd ; Roxy Music ;
Gong ; Matching Mole ; Julie (Driscoll) Tippetts ; 801 ;

1970 :
Robert Wyatt - drums, vocals, piano, organ; Mark Charig - cornet;
Neville Whitehead - bass; Elton Dean - sax ; Mark Ellidge - piano;
David Sinclair - organ; Cyril Ayers - perc.;
Robert Wyatt - vocals, keyboards, guitar, perc.; Fred Frith - violin, guitar, viola;
Hugh Hopper, Richard Sinclair - bass; Laurie Allan, Nick Mason - drums; Gary Windo - reeds;
Mongezi Feza - trumpet; Mike Oldfield - guitar; Dave Stewart, Julie Tippetts - keyb.;
John Peel, Julie Tippetts, Ivor Cutler - voices, baritone concertina; Alfreda Benge - voice, illustrations;

Robert Wyatt - vocals, keyboards, perc.; Mogutsi Mothle - double bass;
Bill MacCormick - bass guitar; Harry Beckett - flugelhorn ;  Frank Roberts - keyboard;
Esmail Shek, Disharhi - tablas; Kadir Durvesh - Shehnai;

Producer: Nick Mason;  Engineer: Steve Cox;

Sida A    all songs by R.Wyatt
Sea Song
A Last Straw
Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road

Side B
Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road




Zustandsbeschreibung / grading:
 m-  (like new)
 vg+  (discoloured - aged; beginning rw on back)
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