Label: Revelation Enterprises Ltd REV1-REV2-REV3 (UK) kW
Medium: 3LP-Set


V/A - Glastonbury Fayre - The Electric Score 1972
[Glastonbury Fayre 1972 - Grateful Dead-Mighty Baby-Pink Fairies-Gong etc (1972)]

V/A - Glastonbury Fayre - The Electric Score 1972

This very rare 3 LP Set showed one of the earliest and long going english cult-festivals from 1972 with some of UKs top
progressive and psychedelic bands of the time - Headlined by US act GRATEFUL DEAD.

All of the 4 (very very rare) inserts are in mint condition, the 3 records are placed in the poster cover and looking like unplayed -
- also clean labels . The foldout postercover has some light knees on the corners and some light edge wear.
Sorry the printed outer plastic bag is missing.

Record 1
Side A

GRATEFUL DEAD  -  Dark Star  (Grateful Dead)  24:06  
                                       Musicians: Garcia-Weir-Kreutzmann-Lesh-Keith Godchaux & Ron McKernan

Side B
BRINSLEY SCHWARZ  -  Love Song (N.Lowe)  4:02
                                               Musicians: B.Schwarz-N.Lowe-I.Gomm-B.Rankin & B.Andrews
MIGHTY BABY  -  A Blanket in my Muesli  (Mighty Baby)  16:06
                                   Musicians: M.Evans-R.Powell-A.King-M.Stone-I.Whiteman

Record 2
Side C

MARC BOLAN  -  Sunken Rags  (Marc Bolan)  2:36    - Studio Track
                                      - Marc Bolann - vocals, guitar;
PETE TOWNSHEND  -  Classified  (P.Townshend)  3:58   - Studio Track
                                      - Pete Townshend - guitar, drums, bass, organ, piano, engineer
DAVID BOWIE  -  Supermen  (D.Bowie)  2:44  - Studio Track
                                 Musicians: D.Bowie-Mick Ronson-T.Bolder-M.Woodmansey;
HAWKWIND  -  Silver Machine and Welcome  (Hawkwind)  7:28
                                 Musicians: Lemmy-Dik Mik-D.Brock-N.Turner-D.Dettmar-B.Calvert;
SKIN ALLEY  -  Sun Music  (Skin Alley)  5:20
                                 Musicians: N.Graham-T.Knight-B.James-Krzysztof;

Side D
DAEVID ALLEN & GONG  -  Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash and Fresh Fest Footprints in my Memory  (Gilli Smith)  23:00
                                 Musicians: D.Allen-G.Smith-Submarine Captain-Laurie Allan-Pip Pyle-Venux-Shakti Yoni-
                                                   -Peter Pussydog-B.Bad deGrass;

Record 3
Side E

The PINK FAIRIES  -  Do It  (Pink Fairies)  3:20
The PINK FAIRIES  -  Uncle Harrys Last Freak Out  (Pink Fairies)  19:43
                                      Musicians: Sandy-Twink-P.Rudolph-Russ;

Side F
The EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND  -  Out Demons Out  (A.Grant-E.&S.Broughton)  20:00
                                       Musicians: E.Broughton-S.Broughton-Chris Grant-Victor Unitt;




Zustandsbeschreibung / grading:
 m-  (all 3 records & labels like new)
 vg++ to nm  (poster cover light corner knees & edge wear)
all 4 insert are like new - sorry printed outer plastic bag missing


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