Label: Vertigo (Space) 6360 081 (GER) kW
Medium: LP


HARVEY, ALEX - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
[Framed (1972) RE (1973)]

HARVEY, ALEX  -  The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Started in 1954/55 playing Dixie. With his Soul Band he backed  EDDIE COCHRAN & GENE VINCENT on tour.
First recordings are made when he stayed in Hamburg (STAR CLUB; TOP TEN) . Polydor released an album
with the Alex Harvey Soul Band and some singles too, mainly recorded with help from the KING SIZE TAYLOR &
the DOMINOES. After this Alex recorded together with his Brother LES HARVEY The BLUES Album for Polydor.
He recorded some psychedelic Singles in 1966 & 1967 and worked and recorded with the HAIRBAND on the
Musical HAIR Show too.
From 1969  till 1972 he recorded  3 progressive LPs, one with ROCK WORKSHOP and two under his own name:
"Roman Wall Blues" & "The Joker Is Wild" (I think only released in Germany at the time)
With his new Formation THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND he recorded more successful between 1972 till
1978. From 1979 till his death in Febr. 1982 he recorded with a new  ALEX HARVEY BAND two more LPs.

Style : 60s R&B; Blues  (1963-66)   Psych (1966-67)  PROG ROCK - GLAMROCK  (1969 on)

see :
King Size Taylor & The Dominoes ; Rock Workshop ; Clouds ; Tear Gas ; Giant Moth ; Stone The Crows ;
Aynsley Dunbar ; Riff Raff ; Nazareth ; Zal ; Gibson Kemp ; Hairband ;

Musicians :
Alex Harvey - lead vocals, guitar;  Zal CLeminson - guitar; Chris Glen - bass; Hugh McKenna - keyboards;
Ted McKenna - drums;  Phil Kenzie - sax  (ts) ;    -  from 1977 : Tommy Eyre - keyboards;

1979 : T.Eyre - keyboards; Mathhew Gang - guitar; Gordon Sellar - bass; Simon Chatterton - drums
1981/1982 : Tony Lambert , George Hall - keyboards; Ian Taylor - guitar; Jack Dawe - bass; Colin Griffin - drums;
                       Andy Nolan - perc.;
Big Buds Brass - Brass Section;

Produced by: Alex Harvey Band; Engineer: Mike Bobak;
Photos: Jim Wilson; Cover Design: Bloomsbury Group;

Side 1
Framed   (Valens)    5:24
Hammer Song   (A.Harvey)   4:20
Midnight Moses  (A.Harvey)   4:22
Isobel Goudie     (A.Harvey)   7:12
  Part 1 : My Lady of the Night
  Part 2 : Coitus Interruptus
  Part 3 : Virgin and the Hunter

Side 2
Buffs Bar Blues  (A.Harvey)  3:10
I just want to make Love to you  (W.Dixon)     6:45
Hole in her Stocking   (A.Harvey-R.Russell)    4:20
Theres no Lights on the Christmas Tree, Mother, theyre burning Big Louie Tonight  (Harvey-Condron-Harvey)   3:20
St. Anthony   (A.Harvey)   4:20




Zustandsbeschreibung / grading:
 vg  (+)  (foldout cover, prize tear, little aged)


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