Label: See For Miles SEECD452 (UK) kW
Medium: CD


[The EP Collection (1996)]


Release 1996
Scotland  born Lulu first started with backing group the LUVVERS 
incl. Jim Dewar later with Stone The Crows. They stayed together from
1964 to 1966 landing with "Shout" in the charts, recorded for Decca.  
After the split Lulu worked with Mickie Most for EMI & Columbia, in  this
time she  had 7 or 8 chart entries. After that she records 2 LPs in
the USA for Atlantic, which went nowhere.
In 1974 she had a short chart comeback with "The Man Who Sold The World"
written and produced by David Bowie.

Style:  60s R&B, Beat, Pop, Soul ;

LUVVERS ( 45 on Parlophone) ;  David BowieMickie Most ;
Stone The Crows ; Robin Trower ;

Lulu - lead vocals;
Jim Dewar, Ross Nelson - guitars;  Tony Tierney - bass; David Miller - drums;
Alec Bell - keyboards; Jimmy Smith - sax;

You touch me Baby  (Ed Silver-Sammy Fain)  - 1965
What a wonderful Feeling   (Price)  - 1966
Youll never leave her    (Bert Russell-Mike Stoller)  - 1965
Not in this whole World    (Troy Davis-Joe Simmons)
Chocolate Ice   (Mike Leander)
So in Love   (Cole Porter)
Hes sure the Boy I love   (Mann-Weil)
Leave a little Love   (David Reed-Robin Conrad)
Surprise Surprise   (Jagger-Richard)   - 1965
Satisfied   (Carole King)  - 1965
Here comes the Night   (B.Russell-Pierce Turner)  - 1964
Heatwave   (E.&B.Holland-Dozier)  - 1964
Dont answer me    (Zambrini-Enriquez-Migliacci-Callender)
He dont want your Love anymore   (Hiller-Dawson-Ford)  -1965
Thats really some good   (Thomas)  -1964
I Cant hear you no more  (Goffin-King)  - 1964
The Trouble with Boys   (Keller-Goffin)  - 1964
Nothing left to do but cry  (D.Gates)
Tossin and Turnin   (Adams-Rene)
Whats easy for two is so hard for one   (Robinson)  - 1964
I am in Love  (Jordan-Novac) 
Forget me Baby  (Gordon-Houston) - 1964
Shout     (Isley Brothers)    - 1964

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