Label: Fontana 269 361 TF (GER) kW
Medium: Single


[Hole In My Shoe - Smiling Faces (1967)]


Formed 1967 leaving the city to get inspiration by working and living together in a country cottage.
The first 3 singles all psychdelic influenced Pop went straight into the UK to 10 in 1967.
DAVE MASON was always jumping in and out of the group, so after two LPs they  split in early 1969.
An last album with outtakes and Live cuts was released in 1969.
Till they reformed in 1970 they worked in BLIND FAITH; GINGER BAKERs AIRFORCE and as CAPALDI-WOOD & FROG.
The first release from 1970 the folk influenced LP: JOHN BARLEYCORN MUST DIE was to parts
recorded as a planned solo LP from STEVIE.
In the following years till they called it a day in early 1975 they got more into Soul-R&B tinged
Jazz-Rock.        For a one off album they Re-United in 1994.

Style:  Psychdelic Pop ;  Jazz-Rock with Soul, Blues influence

Hellions ; Spencer Davis Group ; Sounds Of Blue ; Gordon Jackson ; Mama Cass ; Locomotive ;
DEEP FEELING ; Blind Faith ; Ginger Bakers Airforce ; Family ; KGB ; Crickets ; Wynder K.Frogg ;
Stomu Yamashta ; CAN  (D) ; Dave Mason ; Jim Capaldi ; Stevie Winwood ; Eric Clapton ; Gonzales ;

Steve Winwood - lead vocals, keyboards, guitars; Dave Mason (67-69) - guitar, vocals;
Jim Capaldi - drums, perc., vocals; Chris Wood - flute, sax  (he died in 1983);

Ric Grech - bass; Reebob Kwaku-Baah - percussion; Jim Gordon - drums;
David Hood, Rosko Gee  (73-74) - bass; Roger Hawkins - drums;
Barry Beckett - keyboards;

Side 1
Hole In My Shoe  (D.Mason)  2:52
Side 2
Smiling Faces  (Winwood-Capaldi-Wood)  2:37




Zustandsbeschreibung / grading:
 vg (+)  (plays with minor back noise)
 vg+   (number written on each side)


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