Label: Metronome B 1679 (GER) kW
Medium: Single


[Have Some More Tea - Victor Henrys Cool Book (1967)]

SMOKE, The  (UK)

The band was formed out of the ashes from former R& B group The SHOTS, which released one 45 in 1965.
Already the first single (My Friend Jack) release was very successful , especially in Germany  in the UK the
single was banned by Radio Stations.
So the band relocated to Germany, where one album was released on Metronome.
In the UK some more great singles from 1967 till 1974 are released on different labels like Columbia, Island,
Pageant or Regal Zonophone & Decca.
Mal Luker stayed in Munich as engineer & producer till the millenium.
Geoff Gill also worked as producer or songwriter  for OSCAR ; BONEY M. & in 1978 he released an LP under
the name BEAVER BROTHERS together with Cliff Wade on the AURA label.

Style:  Psychedelic ; Power-Pop ;

see:  Shots ; Oscar ; Beaver Brothers ; Orange Bicycle ;

Geoff Gill - drums; Zeke Lund - bass; Mick Rowley - vocals;
Mal Luker - guitar; Cliff Wade - voc.,

Side 1
Have Some More Tea  (Rowley-Gill Ridley)
Side 2
Victor Henrys Cool Book   (Gill-Rowley)




Zustandsbeschreibung / grading:
 vg +  (with some lines)
 vg++  (minor R stamp on cover each side)
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