Label: Salvo CD021 (UK) 810
Medium: CD-Cardboard FOC


[Home (1970) + 2 Bonus Card Foc]


Re-Release 2009 - NEW !!! - + 2  Bonus - Cardboard Gatefold
2nd album and  for me their best and most psychedelic LP 
Progressive  with psychedelic & classic elements ..the first 7 LPs are recommended
BROKEN BARRICADES the last LP with Robin Trower, was the first more guitar dominated album.

see : 
Paramounts ; Freedom ; Downliner Sect ; Matthew Fisher ; 
Chochise ; Snafu ; Robin Trower ; Duffy Power ; Bill Wyman ;
Gary Brooker ; Chris Andrews ; Plastic Penny ; Bedlam ;
Big CountryJimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions ;  BLT ; IF ;

Musicians :
Gary Brooker - piano, vocals; B.J.Wilson - drums; Chris Copping - bass, keyb.;
Robin Trower - guitars; KEITH REID - all words

on LP  1st to 3rd :
Matthew Fisher - keyboards; Bobby Harrison - drums; Dave Knights - bass; Ray Royer - guitar
Later formations :
Dave Ball, Mick Grabham, Geoff Whitehorn - guitars;  Alan Cartwright - bass;  Pete Solley - keyb.

Producer: Chris Thomas; Engineer: Andy Stephens, Jeff Jarratt; Digital: Rob Keyloch;
Executive Producer: Simon Platz  (for FLY Records); Photos: David Bailey;

Tracks     written by : Gary Brooker & Keith Reid  (lyrics)   ...if not shown...
Whisky Train  (Robin Trower-Keith Reid)
The Dead Mans Dream
Still there ll be more
Nothing that I didnt know
About to die   (Robin Trower-Keith Reid)
Barnyard Story
Piggy Pig Pig
Whaling Stories
Our own Choice

Still there ll be more  - Take 3 - raw Track
Whaling Stories  -  Raw Track   7:05

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