Label: Virgin CDV2046 (EU) 804
Medium: CD


[Shamal (1975)]


Release 1989 - sealed
Established out of the first experimental solo efforts from Australian born DAEVID ALLEN,
produced in France.
Allen had been refused to re-entry  Great Britain, after gigs in France with his former band
By 1971 they recorded under the name GONG and experimented between  space, psych,
prog & jazz-rock.
In 1973 ALLEN split for Spain and STEVE HILLAGE fronted the band for a short time, they
split to reform by end of 1975 under the leadership of PIERRE MOERLEN & Didier Malherbe. 
Deavid Allen rejoined in the 80s too.
The band is a mix  from french and english musicians and are at home in the Canterbury scene .

Style-Genre:  Progressive Jazz-Rock ; Psych ; Rock;

Soft Machine ; Daevid Allen ; Arzachel ; Steve Hillage ; Khan ; Kevin AyersMagma ;
Hatfield & The North ; Here & Now ; Alan Holdsworth ; Mike Oldfield ; Every Which Way ;
Gilly Smith ; Soft Heap ; Nucleus ; Tempest ; Curved Air ; Igginbottom ; Daryls Ways Wolf ;

Daevid Allen - vocals, guitar; Gilly Smith - vocals; Didier Malherbe - sax, flute;  Burton Green - piano;
Rachid Houari - drums; Dieter Gewissler, Carl Freeman, Bare Phillips - contrabass;
Pip Pyle, Laurie Allen, Pierre Moerlen - drums; Tim Blake - synthy; Steve Hillage - guitar;
Christian Tritsch, Francis Moze, Mike Howlett - bass; Gerry Fields - violin; Miquette Giraudy - keyb.;
Didier Malherbe - sax, flute; Miquette Giraudy, Patrice Lemoine - keyb.; Mike Howlett - bass, vocals; 
Mireille Bauer - marimba, xylophone, perc.; Pierre Moerlen - drums, perc., vibrahone; Jorge Pinchevsky - violin;

Allan Holdsworth; Mick Taylor (77-79) - guitar; Francis Moze (77-79) - bass; Benoitt Moerlen - keyboards;
1978: Bon Lozanga, Francoise Chausee - perc.; Daryl Way - violin;
Robert Wyatt - perc.,voc.; Mike Oldfield - guitar;

 Produced by : Nick Mason  (Pink Floyd);

Wingful of Eyes  Howlett)   with Steve Hillage
Chandra  (Lemoine-Howlett)
Bambooji   (Malherbe)   with Steve Hillage
Cat in Clarks Shoes  (Malherbe-Howlett-Lemoine)
Mandrake  (Moerlen)
Shamal   (Howlett-Malherbe-Bauer-Moerlen-Lemoine)


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