Label: Bellaphon-Lingasong BLS 5560 (GER) kW
Medium: 2LP-Set


[Live At The Star-Club In Hamburg 1962 (1977)]


Release 1977

Style-Genre: Beat , Rock n Roll , Pop ;

Recorded 1962 in Hamburg

John Lennon, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe - guitar, vocals;
Pete Best - drums; Paul McCartney - bass;

Producer & Engineer: Larry Grossberg - ass.: Mitchell Margo, Larry Halpern, Kathy Dennis, Lucy Laurie;
Design: Ely Besalel; Remix: Jim Zipf;

Side 1
1. I saw her standing there   (Lennon-McCartney)
2. Roll over Beethoven   (C.Berry)
3. Hippy Hippy Shake     (C.Romero)
4. Sweet little Sixteen    (C.Berry)
5. Lend me you comb   (K.Twomey-F.Wise-B.Weisman)
6. Your Feets too big   (Ada Benson-Fred Fisher)

Side 2
1. Twist & Shout   (B.Russell-P.Medley-R.Mellin)
2. Mr. Moonlight (Roy Lee Johnson)
3. A Taste of Honey   (Ric Marlow-Bobby Scott)
4. Besame Mucho   (C.Valazques-Sunny Skylar)
5. Reminiscing  (King Curtis)
6. Kansas City   (J.Leiber-M.Stoller)

Side 3
1. Aint Nothing Shakin like the Leaves on a Tree  (Dallas Frazier-A.Owen)
2. To know her is to love her    (Phil Spector)
3. Little Queenie   (C.Berry)
4. Falling in Love again   (Fr.Hollaender)
5. Ask me why   (Lennon-McCartney)
6. Be-Bop-A-Lula  (Gene Vincent-Sheriff Tex Davis)
7. Hallelujah I love her so   (R.Charles)

Side 4
1. Red Sails in the Sunset    (J.Kennedy-H.Williams)
2. Everybody trying to be my Baby   (C.L.Perkins)
3. Matchbox   (C.Perkins)
4. I’m talking about you   (C.Berry)
5. Shimmy Shake  (Joe South-Billy Land)
6. Long Tall Sally  (E.Johnson-Richard Penniman-R.Blackwell)
7. Remember You  (Mescer-Schertzinger)




Zustandsbeschreibung / grading:
 m-  (labels: vg+  all with lit stol)
 m-  (Foldout Cover)

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