Label: EMI TOCP-6799 (JAP) 119-kW
Medium: CD


[Tomorrow (1968) RE (1991)]


Japan Re-Release 1991 -  NEW !!!! - Still sealed with OBI - Eingeschweisst

One of the best english psychedelic groups  .. if you like The Beatles around Revolver..
....this maybe your sound too
My White Bicycle - was covered successful by NAZARETH

see :
In Crowd ; Bodast ; Fairies ;  Pretty ThingsPink Fairies ;  Aquarian Age;  Twink ;
Asia ; Syndicats ; YES ; GTR ; Moonrider ; Keith West ;  Four + One ; Mark Wirtz ;

Musicians :
Keith (Hopkins) West - vocals; Steve Howe - Guitar;
John Junior Wood - bass; TWINK (John Alder) - drums;
Mark P. Wirtz - keyboards, producer;

Tracks :
My White Bicycle  (Hopkins-Burgess)
Colonel Brow  n    (Hopkins-Burgess)
Real Life permanent Dream   (Hopkins)
Shy Boy      (Hopkins-Burgess)
Revolution  (Hopkins-Howe)
The Incredible Journey of Timothy Chase   (Hopkins)
Auntie Mary's Dress Shop   (Hopkins-Burgess)
Strawberry Fields Forever  (Lennon/McCartney)   good cover version
Three Jolly Little Dwarfs    (Hopkins-Burgess)
Now the Time has come    (Hopkins-Burgess)
Hallucinations   (Hopkins-Burgess)

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